Jose Sanz Weaves a Profitable Tapestry at FreeWebCams

Jose Sanz Weaves a Profitable Tapestry at FreeWebCams

Navigating the complexities of customer service in the camming industry is a varied and oftentimes chaotic task, pulling even the most seasoned professionals in a multitude of directions. Fortunately for FreeWebCams, Jose Sanz has a firm and steady grip on the wheel, steering a team of performer relations aficionados across stormy seas.

Calm weather reigns when Sanz enters the fray, for he is a practiced captain, with a decorated career ranging from IT to product design. This jack-of-all-trades is a master of administration, channeling crystal clear communications between staff members and cam models.

We have taken a step back to analyze how our more successful studios and agents train and support their performers, and as we are not looking to re-invent the wheel, but simply looking to find a way to make it spin faster… -Jose Sanz, Manager of Performer Relations Specialists

Payouts are delivered on time. Technical or billing problems are addressed with expediency. Innovative solutions flick out from his fingertips with all the deftness of a magician producing hidden cards from unseen angles. Even before they have asked, he will have answered, for Sanz is adept at ferreting out underlying issues before they become problematic.

Should wires get crossed in a tangled mess or start emitting smoke, he will keep the ship chugging along with an engineer’s finesse. And when the waves spin in a whirlpool of rapidly changing algorithms, testing the savviest of multi-taskers, Sanz rises to the occasion most artfully.

To unveil the spinning gears and cogs at the heart of FreeWebCams, XBIZ interviewed Sanz, outlining a blueprint for prosperity.

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background and what led you to join the FreeWebCams team.

Sanz: I began working in the adult industry back in 2002, in the art department of Babenet Ltd. Then, I invested heavily into client services, where I held every position available from junior representative to management, while simultaneously taking other leading roles in areas like administration, IT, product design and accounting.

Exposed to many challenging work environments, I gained the knowledge and skills that led me to be part of great projects like FreeWebCams.

XBIZ: What is your role at FreeWebCams? Describe your primary duties and objectives.

Sanz: My main role is to head our performer administration and client support departments. My goals are to maintain constant communication between our performers and our support staff, to help our models grow as performers and increase their revenue and fan base over time. Ensure all performers, studios and agent payouts are delivered every week on schedule. To exceed all expectations for a great user experience and help solve any technical or billing problems they might encounter.

XBIZ: How does FreeWebCams distinguish itself from the competition, in terms of attracting and retaining cam models?

Sanz: In this case, it really comes down to the personalized experience and hands-on training offered by our staff. We have taken a step back to analyze how our more successful studios and agents train and support their performers, and as we are not looking to re-invent the wheel, but simply looking to find a way to make it spin faster, we emulate, welcome and adapt to any support process that helps us become a better cam site.

XBIZ: What features does your site offer to help models entice viewers to tip and return for more of their shows in the future?

Sanz: Our cam interface was designed to be intuitive and simple. We offer many different types of promotions: our users enjoy our multi-level rewards programs where they automatically receive free tokens as well as deep discount token packages available for VIP members. Our performers enjoy access to every single premium member in the site as well as rewards programs that allow them to promote and earn extra revenue for registering new spending users. Performers have the ability to pair their Twitter and Instagram accounts with our integrated social media tools to better cover all angles of self-promotion and user retention.

XBIZ: Any upcoming updates or innovative plans for FreeWebCams, in 2017, that will continue expanding your market presence?

Sanz: We are preparing for the future, developing new technology that will allow our models to broadcast from mobile devices. We continue to develop our HD Encoder software, allowing our performers to produce and offer better video quality. Upcoming updates on our award-winning mobile interface will greatly improve user and model experiences, integrating the latest toys and model-requested features to track tokens, play fun games and at the same time increase user revenue. FreeWebCams is backed by one of the oldest and most successful adult affiliate programs on the internet, CE Cash, a company that is constantly innovating and keeping us ahead of the completion.