Sasha Red Conjures Scarlet Lightning on Cam

Sasha Red Conjures Scarlet Lightning on Cam

A storm of crimson electricity crackles around Sasha Red, zapping the camera whenever she casts a deliciously wicked glance at her adoring fans via LiveJasmin. Dressed in silky lingerie threaded from purest midnight, the alluring cam model basks in the lavishly posh bedrooms of Studio 20, eager to impart a courtesan’s sophisticated brand of classy lust.

Her hips dance ever so slightly with the thrilling promise of a private show, though she poses with nearly statuesque stillness, coiled like a jungle cobra. A sweat-tinged strand of hair pinched between her fingers, she softly types on her black-lacquered keyboard with her other finely manicured hand, like a pianist playing a scintillating concerto.

I always take care of myself, I like to look perfect, to be in shape, mentally and physically. If you are happy with yourself, you’ll attract happy people around you. -Sasha Red, @SashaRedCars

As the centerpiece amidst an immaculately maintained backdrop, replete with fine upholstery and tasteful décor, Red sways in tandem with the haunting music playing through unseen speakers. She knows how to set the mood, like a 1920s lounge singer in a mobsters-only speakeasy, dangerously intoxicating and sinfully aglitter.

Now, she has ascended to the coveted ranks of XBIZ immortality, as the Cam Star of the Month for May. Setting her sights on the ultimate status symbol, Red is aiming for the Best Female Cam Model of Europe trophy, at the inaugural XBIZ Cam Awards in Miami.

Lest the glossy pages of XBIZ Cam World be consumed with anything less than voracious hunger, the powers that be invited Red to share her sagely camming knowledge with readers far and wide. Garbed in knee-high sable boots and devilish négligée, she obliged.

XBIZ: Tell us about your earliest camming days. What lessons have you learned since then, and what challenges have you overcome?

Red: I started three-and-a-half years ago, with zero experience from before. The first lesson I learned was that patience is one of the biggest qualities of someone who wants to achieve more than the average cam model. The biggest challenge, probably, was to show up every time with something new, to reinvent myself so no one will get bored or tired of me.

XBIZ: Which cam networks do you regularly perform on? Why have you chosen them above the competition?

Red: I only use LiveJasmin. I think that every model is suitable for a certain site, and for me LiveJasmin provided everything I needed, in a very simplified way. It allows me to keep up with my members and I feel that I have support from them. I don’t know how other sites work but for me, LiveJasmin is “the chosen one.”

XBIZ: When did you become involved with Studio 20? How have they shaped your camming career?

Red: When I started, three-and-half years ago, Studio 20 was the first and last studio I saw. I liked the atmosphere and professionalism here, so it was enough to make a decision.

Behind every successful studio is a staff, trainers, tech people, PR, managers. But, in my first months, the one who had the biggest influence on me was the owner of the studio, who initially told me that I’m the model with the lesser income, but yet the most ambitious one. And the ambition goes on until this day, although the income has grown quite a lot!

XBIZ: What are your unique selling points as a cam model? What techniques or activities do you use to build loyalty and encourage return customers?

Red: I always take care of myself, I like to look perfect, to be in shape, mentally and physically. If you are happy with yourself, you’ll attract happy people around you. I have people who still come to me after almost four years, and the reason is that I always come with new ideas, so they never get bored and feel that daily routine.

It’s easy, because I love to stay very healthy and I also have the wickedest mind.

Also, being true to myself and with them goes a long way and it makes them come back every time.

XBIZ: Talk about your social media strategy. How do you promote upcoming shows and expand your following when you’re offline?

Red: I never promote vulgarity. I keep the mystery in an elegant… teasing way, so the people who follow me never get all of it from the start… everything comes at the right moment.

I started a “strategy” if you want to call it that, a year ago, when I talked with the social media manager that Studio 20 hired and they told me what I should and should not do. The talk helped me a lot because I can not only be myself, but also be my very best.

So, I post things from my life outside the studio, keep my fans and followers updated, write in my blog on my website, etc.

XBIZ: Any advice for aspiring cam models on how they can take their game to the next level?

Red: I would say to each girl that decides to do this job, to consider it as a job. I see so many girls coming to the studio for interviews and saying that after one month they want a house, a car, money and a holiday in the Maldives.

Then, they see how this job really is and they give up.

You need to have patience and establish goals. Think that what you do as a model will help you achieve what you want in life. Don’t expect huge amounts of money in the first months. They will come when you’ll be happy with what you do, with yourself.

Be ambitious, perseverant, stay online more than eight hours, five days per week. Take a maximum of two breaks on a night and don’t make them too long. Every time you feel like giving up, remember why you started.

See what you want in front of your eyes, make a vision board and put it on that empty fridge. You’ll see how far you get.

XBIZ: Where do you see yourself professionally in the coming years? Tell us about your ambitions and what steps you’re now taking to realize those goals.

Red: Well, I want to have my own business. But, I learned that the best businessmen keep their next move private, haha.

I’ve been on my own for a long time now. I want to work so that I can have my perfect summer vacation house somewhere where there’s always summer.

I want to be happy and feel good about myself.

When I was a little girl, I was made to think that when I’m grown up I have to be a doctor or a ballerina or a lawyer. I think it’s important to be happy, whatever your job is, and that what you do does not define who you are. And right now, Sasha from 20 years ago would really be happy with me, with my dresses, my shoes and the life that I live.

I want to work hard, laugh every day and be a good person.