Cam Studio Amenities Foster a Lucrative Home Base for Models

Cam Studio Amenities Foster a Lucrative Home Base for Models

From roots as “a safe house with good internet” to becoming one of today’s most intriguing franchising opportunities, live cam studios have undergone considerable evolution over the years — yet similarities persist in what these companies provide to their models.

To take a closer look at what cam studios are offering as amenities in 2017’s competitive marketplace, XBIZ sought the insights of several notable players.

We are sure that we have top technology and rooms that are designed to be more close to models’ needs, and also for users, we aim to have a friendly environment. Also lately we are working on different apps and programs to have our live shows in an exclusive way. -Adrian, Live Cams Mansion

“We provide dedicated theme rooms with extra space (minimum 200 square feet), high-speed internet (100Mbs minimum guaranteed), a make-up artist and hairdresser, one week of on-site training and 24/7 on-site support,” said Studio 20 CEO Mugur Cosmin Frunzetti. “[We also provide] a marketing team to promote the model’s brand, our own traffic sent to the model’s room and all-expenses-paid attendance to industry shows, and more.” COO Mia Saldarriaga explained that while the company is considered a cam studio, it is just as likely to be called “a models’ advising company,” as 80 percent of its models work from home.

“We also have a number of studios that we like to call ‘The University,’ because when models start their job they work from one of our studios for six months while they do strict training in how to become top models for the sites they work with,” Saldarriaga told XBIZ. “Our studios provide the model with good internet, a completely decorated room per model (more like a home, the model can live in the studio because she doesn’t share a room with other models), lighting, a computer and webcam, toys and all kinds of logistic for shows, including an assistant, and a big group of professionals in design, photography, psychology, accounting, law, art, English teaching and a few others available to advise the model and help her become a professional person.”

M Group Stars’ Diego Hernández told XBIZ the studio offers different kinds of rooms, decorated and personalized according to the needs and personality of each model, as well as other spaces for the model’s comfort.

“We have a makeup room, a little spa with Jacuzzi, a backyard with space for taking sunbaths and gym,” Hernández said, “and other social spaces to practice languages or simply hang out with other models, trainers and other members of the staff.

“We always take care of our models,” Hernández added, “offering them healthy snacks, a daily shuttle and the possibility of attending international shows and summits.”

LiveStudio CEO Alexandru Miulescu said it is easy to brag about the quality of the company’s amenities.

“In full honesty, I believe we are completely equipped to satisfy any demands a model, a member or a cam network could have,” Miulescu told XBIZ. “We use top-notch technology and every room is carefully and tastefully decorated. We tried and will always try to make the rooms as unique as possible and also suitable for the model’s style and personality.”

Miulescu said that on several occasions, the company decorated rooms at the model’s request.

“For example, we have a model which has a rebel, rock style character so we built up a room that reflects that personality with guitars and real microphones,” Miulescu revealed. “Anyone can offer a room, a camera and makeup, but not everyone will respect the model’s true personality and build up on that to make sure she gives her best without losing her identity.

“What we offer is quality from all points of view,” Miulescu concluded. “We respect the model so that she reaches her true performance because we have a passion for performance.”

Silvia said Angels Studio provides models with high-class rooms featuring modern design and furniture.

“We have just opened the new facilities in Timisoara earlier this year — an investment of $1M to give our models the best place to work from,” Silvia said, adding with a laugh, “I will not reveal all our secrets for the flawless streaming we have because then I would have to kill you.”

CEO Razvan Vasilescu told XBIZ that SmartChat Studio offers its models what they want and need.

“We have a big headquarters in the center of the town and glamorous rooms with high-quality decor,” Vasilescu said. “The technical aspect is top-notch with new top-end PCs, the best webcams, professional grade photo studio, a 500Mb/s fiber internet connection, etc.

“We also provide our models with a lot of useful and fun things,” Vasilescu added, “such as private medical insurance, club parties every one or two months and a lot of little things like fresh fruits and the best coffee, etc.”

Chief marketing manager Madalina Chiouru said Charm Group offers models a lot of amenities.

“Charm Group means dedicated-awesome rooms, it means great makeup and hairstyle, it means the latest devices and, overall, Charm Group means… Joy,” Chiouru told XBIZ. “In addition, we offer 10 reasons why a girl should start her career as a model at Charm Group: our experience, professionalism, seriousness, we afford comfort, we have a great team, training, technical support and more.”

Chiouru confided that every single person that comes to an interview at Charm Group says “Wow!” after visiting the studio, offering “the proof that we did a great job.”

“If we’re talking about internet access and all the other stuff about technology, we invest in that every month,” Chiouru said. “In addition, we realized that social media is one of the first places where people go to connect with us or with our models, so we established a marketing department to help our models double their income.”

Chiouru also noted that the company helps each model of Charm Group to look her best.

“They arrive at the studio and say, ‘Oh, no, I’m not pretty today, my hair doesn’t stay in place,’” Chiouru told XBIZ. “We have the key in our makeup and hairstyle department, featuring girls with creative flair, practical ability and an up-to-date knowledge of fashion and beauty trends.”

AJ Studios co-founder Anthony Rivera told XBIZ the company’s professional environment offers benefits for models.

“We offer medical insurance and a legal [work status], plus specialized support staff at the service of the models such as tech help, a lawyer, accountant, makeup pro, HR and a psychologist,” Rivera explained. “Plus a dedicated broadcast assistant for each model who is online with the model at all times correcting and supporting her, cheering her up, translating and directing, etc.”

This extreme level of support is in addition to AJ Studios’ full week-long training program and specialized training that includes acting, dance and makeup lessons, etc.

“Our top-notch facilities have constant remodeling of rooms that involves models in the decoration process, and feature in-house restaurants offering breakfast, lunch and snacks,” Rivera added. “Weekly payouts (most studios pay twice monthly), plus cash advances, long-term loans, weekly contests and incentives [make getting paid easy].”

Owner Alexandru Gheorghe told XBIZ that NightProwl Studio’s entire philosophy is contingent on identifying the perfect harmony between models and studio rooms.

“Even though it may sound bizarre, we are always open to their suggestions, and manage to provide them so many reasons to work with us so productively, like they surely never did it before,” Gheorghe explained. “When it comes to technology advancements, we can boast that we follow absolutely each and every trend, and we plan responsible investments in this regard from which we can mention the most recent and high-performance webcams, one of the largest and fastest internet bandwidths in the world and the latest generation of PCs.”

Gheorghe said that when the perfect profile of a performer is identified, it is absolutely imperative to design a special room for her, so as a consequence, thematic rooms are natural.

“Our rooms feature a multitude of diverse furniture items in accordance with the cam network’s working categories, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to see fancy, glamorous or vintage decorations for hot flirt girls or maybe naughty ones for fetish lovers,” Gheorghe revealed. “By far one of the most special rooms we designed belongs to AdrennaLyne, in which we worked with one of the most talented wall painting artists, and we managed to perfectly reproduce a scene from the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie, which made so many customers happy and which led to such an intense motivation for our performer, who, needless to say, is one big fan of DC Comics.”

Gheorghe noted the studio was designed to overcome the boundaries of a casual working environment, offering, “we focused on finding strategies to make our models feel like they are working from home.”

“In this regard, we place an enormous focus on creating various sources of entertainment, so if they would like to recreate, they have the choice to go to a special place we call fun-zone,” Gheorghe said. “This area of the studio features a Smart TV with the latest generation video console plugged in, it also has a pinball machine, a massage room and even a mini bar, to increase the chill-out experience and to make the models happier.

“In the camming industry, the quote ‘happy girls are prettiest’ fits the most,” Gheorghe concluded, adding, “and we all can agree that most of the site’s customers are looking forward to meeting and chatting with vivacious girls.”

Pro AVC Studio general manager Evelina Cirlan said the exclusive location ProStudio created for its models shows “an attention to details and the zest for sophistication and luxury.”

“Elegant, tasteful, classical and yet modern, the studio pleases all the desires and wishes, and fits multiple personalities,” Cirlan explained. “Each room becomes one of the many sides a woman has: the so-called innocent, the pure, the childish, the elegant, the sassy, the funny, the dark, the sexy, the old fashioned, the modern, the mysterious, etc., each allowing the model to express her ever-evolving ‘me’ while highlighting her own unique style.”

“Every little detail, every piece of decoration is attentively selected,” Cirlan said, “because every room has a story to tell or a fantasy to confess.”

Cirlan told XBIZ that Pro AVC Studio is set to open two new locations, each having more than 1,000 square meters of floor space, for a total investment of around €700,000.

“We are extremely selective and focused on top quality services. This is the very reason we are having as partners the best internet provider in Romania,” Cirlan said. “We are very aware that in this business making the right choices regarding your partners is vital.

“We do pay attention to every little detail irrespective of the department we are referring to,” Cirlan added. “Our team of photographers and make-up artists are renowned in Romania, having internationally acknowledged titles crowning their activities.”

While many studios offer similar features, innovation is driving the development of even the most basic functions they provide.

“We are sure that we have top technology and rooms that are designed to be more close to models’ needs, and also for users, we aim to have a friendly environment,” Live Cams Mansion CEO Adrian said. “Also lately we are working on different apps and programs to have our live shows in an exclusive way. We tested and plan to launch a system called Multi Cam Changer, where models will be able to stream live at the same time to up to 12 cams, and users can change the cams during their private shows.”

It is one more step in the evolution of the cam studio and the commercial continuance of this form of carnal communication — all while making models feel like they’re right at home.