Quality Network Partners Bolster Cam Studio Success

Quality Network Partners Bolster Cam Studio Success

There is a potent dynamic in the cam world between consumers, models, networks and studios, with each playing a vital role in the forging of this erotic ecosystem.

One often overlooked factor is the role of liaison that studios serve as between models and studios, where through education, specialization of approach and attention to detail, studios can help models maximize their earnings from a specific platform while playing by that platform’s particular rules.

We maintain good relations with all the sites we work with (six in total). We also work very closely with ModelCentro in order to expand our models’ brands and on a few other projects to come. -Mia Saldarriaga,

XBIZ asked several top cam studios to tell us about the cam networks they work closely with and how they maintain good relations with them on behalf of their models. Their insights are revealing:

SmartChat Studio CEO Razvan Vasilescu told XBIZ that LiveJasmin is its main partner, having worked with the live cam powerhouse non-stop for more than five years, with very good results.

“Our relationship is great because it is very simple to have good relations with good people when you deliver a good quality product (content) and your partners help you monetize it properly,” Vasilescu explained. “That is the key to a good relationship: personal interaction and a good job from both sides.”

Studio 20 CEO Mugur Cosmin Frunzetti said his company has excellent relations with all of its partners “because our business model is based on fairness and long-term relationships, on building together and a fair splitting of the profits.”

“Studio 20 is dedicated to glamor cam modeling,” Frunzetti told XBIZ. “Therefore, we only work with premium cam networks such as LiveJasmin, Flirt4Free, ImLive and Streamate.” COO Mia Saldarriaga told XBIZ the company has built a few cooperating alliances.

“We maintain good relations with all the sites we work with (six in total),” Saldarriaga said. “We also work very closely with ModelCentro in order to expand our models’ brands and on a few other projects to come.

“We attend all the industry trade shows to find any business opportunity on behalf of our models and to know what happens in the international scene because we like to be one step in front of our competitors,” Saldarriaga explained, underscoring the value of participating in the broader industry and its events by revealing plans for the evolution of as a news blog for the Latin American market, that will garner media partners for industry gatherings.

M Group Stars’ Diego Hernández said the company principally works with Flirt4Free, ImLive, Streamate, and LiveJasmin.

“We are also having conversations with new sites, and for us the better way is to have a direct channel of communication with each one of them, having at least one member of our staff in charge of that relationship,” Hernández offered. “That way, we find all the improvements and changes that the network is working in and the tendencies of the market and the industry, to inform and train the models if it’s necessary. “The other way to have a close and good relation with the networks is when we attend shows and summits,” he added. “We try to have meetings with our friends from the networks and share information.”

Silvia said Angels Studio’s philosophy is across the board, “so we work with very few partners and we strive to be the best among the model community.”

“We’ve worked very closely with CamContacts since the early days of the studio and for the past three years have a strong relationship with ImLive and are very proud of being part of their community,” Silvia revealed. “More recently, we shook hands with Flirt4Free, a different yet challenging platform.

“We personally know the people working for these sites and we trust them,” Silvia added. “This is crucial to have a strong long-lasting ‘business marriage,’ at least for us.”

Charm Studios’ chief marketing manager Madalina Chiouru told XBIZ that since its beginning the firm has built strong and positive relationships with its partners.

“What does this mean?” she mused rhetorically. “Talking openly, keeping it interesting and seeking help if needed.

“Charm Group was one of the first studios that signed a special contract based on our professionalism and quality,” Chiouru elaborated. “Maintaining good relations with the cam networks in general, and especially with our partners, became something usual and simple since we act and do things in a corporate way.”

AJ Studios co-founder Anthony Rivera told XBIZ that Chaturbate, CamSoda and LiveJasmin are its top three network partners.

“We have a constant communication and feedback both ways,” Rivera explained. “I have a dedicated person in my company who handles all matters and issues for a specific site. So, I have a Chaturbate project manager, a CamSoda project manager and a LiveJasmin project manager.

“Besides online communication,” he added, “I keep a constant relationship in person with our cam sites through tradeshows and other events.”

For NightProwl Studios, forging a close bond with network partners is crucial — but in its case, there is only one network partner to consider.

“Last year, NightProwl Studios became the only LiveJasmin-certified cam studio in our hometown, and one of the few in the world,” owner Alexandru Gheorghe proudly told XBIZ. “Therefore, when it comes to cam networks, we strictly refer to LiveJasmin.”

Gheorghe said that NightProwl’s policy was always aimed towards quality instead of quantity.

“We placed an important focus on hiring and training top-notch models, which was immediately appreciated by the platform’s representatives,” Gheorghe remarked. “Our account managers simply do a great job of representing our models’ interests.”

Gheorghe said NightProwl built its partnership with LiveJasmin based on mutual respect and on ethical grounds, where both parties are taking advantage of this exclusivity deal.

“We’re always in touch with their representatives and we often visit their offices. They invite us to different training sessions or we simply meet during cam conferences such as XBIZ and AWSummit,” Gheorghe concluded. “To this point, I can doubtlessly argue that this partnership is beneficial for both sides and surely one we will continue to walk together on a golden path of opportunities.”

Pro AVC Studio general manager Evelina Cirlan said the company was always aware that having a strong business network is a very important thing.

“The exclusive partner for us right now is LiveJasmin,” Cirlan told XBIZ. “We have a business relationship that is very strong and well-developed and permanently growing.

“We are business people and we always search for new opportunities,” she concluded. “Our models’ interests are well-represented since we are always in close contact with our partners, often having business meetings, workshops and training sessions, and representatives attending a lot of business events.”

Live Cams Mansion CEO Adrian says the studio has an exclusive partnership with Flirt4Free through March of 2018 and is very pleased with the results, noting, “Flirt4Free is providing us the best place to develop our concept.”

For his part, LiveStudio CEO Alexandru Miulescu told XBIZ that over the years, the studio has selected a few cam networks it believes are tops in this field.

“We work with networks that get involved actively in the well-being of our models and can offer us the support we need so that every day is a successful one,” he explained. “We keep in touch with our representatives from the cam networks we work with on a daily or weekly basis and we developed a relationship based on trust and mutual benefits.

“We offer them the best quality from a technical point of view and they offer us constant support for our models,” Miulescu added. “They provide us with solutions when we face a situation and we take into consideration their advice because we know that only by working as a team can we reach the top spot so desired by many.”

The feedback XBIZ received from the cam studios shows consistent strategies for success and praise for a cadre of pro cam companies that illustrate the pinnacle of the industry today.