Sílvia Unfurls Models’ Wings at Angels Studio

Sílvia Unfurls Models’ Wings at Angels Studio

Sílvia seamlessly threads a profitable patchwork of loyal models and premium networks at Angels Studio.

Wielding a multi-faceted perspective forged by six years of service at premier cam network ImLive, she has mastered the art of community management.

We don’t believe in standardization, we don’t use scripts and we don’t have special acting classes. We do work with the models by enhancing their biggest attributes and nuances of personality in front of the camera. -Silvia, Studio Manager

After all, relationships are the cornerstone of Sílvia’s approach to the adult industry, whether she is navigating the complex crescendos and pitfalls of model ambitions, capitalizing on emergent opportunities for Angels Studio or fostering mutually beneficial arrangements with top networks.

Affable and unassuming, Sílvia has the pleasant personality of a consummate diplomat, listening intently to the desires of clients before springing to action and executing on her promises. With understated grace and practiced patience, she expresses her ideas clearly and instills confidence in her colleagues, her superiors and the marvelous models under her care.

As Angels Studio expands its influence in the rapidly growing cam studio market, XBIZ invited Sílvia to share her game plan and discuss such a definitive career.

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background, prior to joining Angels Studio.

Sílvia: I worked at ImLive for more than six years and learned everything I know about this business from there. I started as a customer service rep for them back in 2010, when the adult industry was still reeling from the shock of “freemium” sites and when free live chat was still pretty new. A lot of models still remember ImLive as a free live chat site. Within the first year, I took over as the ImLive host representative and I was basically in charge of the entire company’s host community, dealing with the relations between models and the site, and vice versa. It was, without a doubt, the biggest learning period for me. I am very grateful for the lessons I learned from ImLive and from the model community. I dedicated my last years at ImLive to working with studios, and that was when I met Angels Studio.

XBIZ: What are your main responsibilities at Angels Studio?

Sílvia: One of Angels Studio’s main strengths is the solid relationships they foster with the various webcam platforms models work with. Due to my background at ImLive, I gained an intimate understanding of networks. So, one of my main responsibilities at Angels Studio is training the models and optimizing their performance. On top of that, I am also doing the PR and working on the overall marketing operation for the studio as a whole, as well as with models in particular.

XBIZ: How has your experience with ImLive shaped your approach to handling Angels Studio's business interests? What unique challenges do cam studios face that distinguishes them from cam networks?

Sílvia: I know Angels Studio’s business with ImLive inside and out. I have been involved in building this partnership, so that’s pretty much a plus for me. Nevertheless, the focus now is totally different. My perspective about the whole industry is so different now that I know the reality of managing a studio from the inside. Also, being exposed to different platforms and different concepts is very interesting. It helps deepen my understanding of adult entertainment as a whole.

In regards to the second part of that question, I must say the biggest challenge is to manage the different expectations from all the models working for the studio. They have many expectations relating to traffic, money, conditions, schedules… pretty much everything involved in the job of a webcam model. This can be tricky and highly demanding. You need to be able to create a happy medium where models are motivated to keep coming online even after a bad shift.

XBIZ: What makes Angels Studio different from the competition?

Sílvia: We don’t believe in standardization, we don’t use scripts and we don’t have special acting classes. We do work with the models by enhancing their biggest attributes and nuances of personality in front of the camera. We believe members still purchase and spend money on webcams despite all the free porn you can find online because they are looking to live their fantasy. That fantasy needs to come from a deeper connection between the member and the model. In addition, we work very closely with very few premium sites, with whom we have very strong partnerships and work side-by-side to reach both our goals.

XBIZ: How do you foster a prosperous and positive environment for cam models?

Sílvia: This one is easy — treat them with the respect, kindness and attention they deserve. When I think about our webcam models, I think about them as friends and entrepreneurs. They are smart, ambitious and very hard working. Angels Studio is their family. Combine that sense of home with brand new facilities, with the best conditions both on a technical level and via top-notch infrastructure, and any webcam model can easily feel at home with us.

XBIZ: What are your long-term ambitions for strengthening Angels Studio’s dominance in the present market?

Sílvia: We never wanted to be the biggest studio, or the studio with the most models. We like to work selectively with high quality, and when we say that, we really mean it. We have many incredible models working with us, by choice! And, the great majority of them are among the top earners of the sites they work for. We are looking to expand and we are currently hiring in Timisoara, where our studio is located. Our main goal is to continue attracting the models that we know we can work with and grow to become stars. In fact, we are about to release a brand new program for new Angels models that are at a certain level and want to join our team. We will let you know about it all once it’s up and running. Stay tuned!