XBIZ Cam Star of the Month FloraBella Talks Blossoming Career

XBIZ Cam Star of the Month FloraBella Talks Blossoming Career

If ever a cam model deserved to be called the national flower of her country, FloraBella is the finest orchid in all of Colombia.

Petal-soft lashes. A curvaceous figure that blossoms from every angle. Wilderness eyes so deeply emotional, you can get lost in them forever, happily shedding any sense of direction to spend eternity in that fathomless gaze.

It's simple; when you love what you do, you never feel like you are working. Things have been very natural for me. I can't say it was easy.

And that smile? Were the sun to vanish and bitter frost to reign eternal, the warmth of her lips would give life with greater radiance than the swiftly forgotten dawn.

Her skin begs to be touched, as endlessly smooth as wintry snowfall and more bewitching than whirling autumn leaves. Her bubbly personality springs brightly, melting thoughts into summery worship. No matter the season, she is flush with fluorescent glory, rooted in richly manicured pastures that are evergreen.

And that intelligence? That unabashed passion? Would ever a rose be ashamed of its thorns? Not one with such scarlet fire and burning ambition, as FloraBella possesses.

She can shed lingerie to the floor as generously as she spills digital ink on her personal blog, for when FloraBella sets aside her brand ambassadorship for to engage a vast international audience via camming, few can so quickly bring effervescent joy to happy viewers.

As an inspiring and zealous crusader for the South American adult industry, especially from its beating heart of a Colombian paradise, FloraBella is an exemplary herald of the mythical opportunities sprouting in that most exotic of continents.

Step inside her enchanted forest. Explore the endless bounty of agrarian cornucopias and hike through these grassy knolls, for much awaits thee in the presence of this freshly watered XBIZ Cam Star of the Month. Salud!

XBIZ: What inspired you to begin camming and how have you evolved as a cam model over the years?

FloraBella: I wanted to try a different kind of job. In my country, the cam model job wasn't very popular. I saw many classified ads in the newspaper for cam models, but they didn't explain the job clearly. That was a long time ago (seven years), so the information that I’d get from these places was sort of taboo. When I learned what was involved, it was fantastic to think about chatting with people around the world and making friends from many countries. I had recently moved away from my parents’ house, so I thought … “Why not give it a try?”

Once I started, it was exactly how I imagined — me, alone in a room, interacting with people from all over the world. But, I was really amazed by the fact that it was not just people looking for sex; it was a place to hang out, to play music, to play games. Also, the people were so respectful and I got so many sweet compliments in the beginning, instead of sexual requests, that it made my decision easy about joining. Today, I can tell you that it has become my second family. It is a great community built between models and members. After some years working, I found that it was not only a job, it was a profession in which you become a full-fledged entertainer. You need years of experience to do a great performance.

XBIZ: Tell us about your involvement with LALExpo. What are the benefits of attending and participating?

FloraBella: Well, I went to the first version of LALExpo because I had started a blog in Spanish about the webcam model job, so this convention would give me a chance to write about what was new in the Colombian adult industry. Also, it was an important moment for adult entertainment, knowing that this was the first time many of the adult sites would visit the country that has the biggest percentage of the models in South America. I couldn't miss such a crucial moment, because it was important both for me personally and for my role as a webcam model.

Since that first convention, the benefits of LALExpo have been big for the sites and for the models. For the sites, it's great because we want to show how well we are doing, not only with models, but also how we want to invest in, create and develop the adult industry more in South America. The technology is also an important part of this for us. And, we are confident that we can provide support and make the wheels run fast in the biz. Also, it is important to have international sites gather in LALExpo.

Colombia, as I’ve mentioned before, has the largest number of studios and models in the continent, so it is great when they come and share experiences with us. We want to make you part of our team, since that's the only way we can grow together. For models, all I can say is that since the first LALExpo, my life as a model changed completely for the better. I feel the support of the sites, the idea that they are here to listen or to teach new features and that I'm not alone is really important to keep my belief in the adult business. Every time they come, it is a great way to inspire the models to give their best.

XBIZ: Are there any unique challenges or special opportunities in the Latin American camming industry, that are distinct from other places in the world? What advice do you have for aspiring cam models, given your intimate understanding of this thriving region?

FloraBella: I think we have special opportunities, challenges and developmental work to be done in webcam entertainment. We have been working for several years, and are prepared to grow the business and become pioneers on the continent. There will always be challenges, but we passed the big ones. We have been recognized outside of the country and have made LALExpo possible. This is something we never imagined at the inception. I think we need to continue to work more to get the models more involved with what's going on behind-the-scenes. They need to know that the sites are truly working for their best interests; that it is more than subscribing to a webpage and starting a new job.

Communities are the future and the adult sites have been turning into them. The success of a model is not possible on their own; they need to feel and know the sites are taking care of and supporting them. The best way to do this is for the sites to keep having a presence in conventions like LALExpo. As far as opportunities, we have been specializing in models for several years, and now we are ready to bring the knowledge and help with software development. Technology is what keeps the industry alive. We have a team specializing in that, so opportunities are growing for everyone.

The best advice I can give to the new girls that want to become a webcam model is the importance of taking time to find information about the industry. Look at sites, blogs, videos, etc. Don't just sign up and jump into streaming. If you want to do the best from the beginning, please take the time to explore what site is best for you, and what information you need for that first time on cam, so that you will feel more sure about what you are doing from the first day that you turn on the webcam.

XBIZ: How do you balance social media, blogging, camming and company responsibilities?

FloraBella: It's simple; when you love what you do, you never feel like you are working. Things have been very natural for me. I can't say it was easy. I have sacrificed my old social circle. No more friends from school, college, childhood, etc. It feels like all that is left from those days are my family, parents and sisters; everything is reduced to the essentials because no one understands what you are doing.

I’ve been seven years in the webcam world now, so I had to make all new friends. It is a brand new start to life, and of course it hurts to leave people behind. But, all my success is not due to me, it was created by all the experiences I had with the people that helped me start this crazy adventure. With all the people I’ve met in the adult industry… between the models, studios, conventions and now this international experience… camming is not just a job for me anymore, it is a lifestyle.

XBIZ: What are your long-term goals as both a cam model, and brand ambassador for

FloraBella: As long I can help develop this entertainment business for models, sites and conventions, I am happy to be part of it. As I get more committed, it is great because it pushes me to give the best and to create new ways to improve in all the stages of adult entertainment. Models in Colombia are the reason I started doing this extra work apart from being a cam model. I love when I see them having a better quality of life, being leaders at work and home, and not feeling sorry about it.

Every day, I get messages from the models telling me that they are proud of their jobs and that's good for everyone. It shows me that I'm doing something right. I want to show Latin-American webcam models that being a cam girl is not easy work — it is a full-time profession. So, if you want to be in it, do it with all that you have. If you are going to make the crazy decision to be a cam model, it's better to do it right. Don't you think?