TheaForYou Hypnotizes Audiences on Stripchat

TheaForYou Hypnotizes Audiences on Stripchat

TheaForYou is an exotic mirage of heavenly dreams, dancing through streaming lights whenever she graces the webcam on Stripchat.

Shimmering golden hair crowns her adorable eyes like solar rays spun from purest silk, and when her ruby lips part for a smile, she glows more brightly than the dawn itself.

From my personal experience, users on the website are not there only for the shows. Even though they represent one important aspect, it’s not all about this.

With blushing cheeks sweeter than a sunset blossoming on the horizon, TheaForYou can make viewers fall in love with natural ease. Then, when she slinks out of her fashionable threads to unveil such generous cleavage, a slender-yet-curvaceous body and athletic legs that rival Olympians with their majesty, Stripchat is struck by lightning.

Electrified and swooning forevermore, TheaForYou’s followers continue growing as swiftly as the site itself, which now attracts a bevy of bewitching cam models. As one of the top cam models on the lively camming community, TheaForYou has inspired more than 10,000 worshipers to mark her as their absolute favorite.

Without further ado, XBIZ presents this exclusive interview with our Cam Star of the Month for March 2017.

XBIZ: What inspired you to pursue camming?

TheaForYou: The reasons why I chose to pursue camming, were initially economic ones.

I wanted to chase my dreams and I wanted to be able to do something with my life, and in that moment, this was the only thing that could help me in the short-term. After starting this, realizing how empowering it actually is for women and leaving the judgmental behavior behind, I got to love my job and I think this is one of the most important aspects of life: loving what you do.

XBIZ: How have you evolved as a cam model since you first began?

TheaForYou: As a cam model I learned how to love my body and myself. I learned to love the person I became, and now more than ever, I believe that I am a beautiful, strong woman who can succeed at anything in life. These are some aspects of the job nobody tells new cam models when they first start broadcasting that besides the patience you will need to invest in creating your own fan base, you will learn to trust yourself and you will get a boost of confidence.

XBIZ: Any advice for keeping an audience actively engaged during a show, as well as long-term?

TheaForYou: From my personal experience, users on the website are not there only for the shows. Even though they represent one important aspect, it’s not all about this. In order to keep your room alive, you need to be a good entertainer as well as a good listener. This is my secret — I love to listen to my users, and help them with good advice whenever they need.

XBIZ: What are your unique model selling points and what do your fans enjoy the most?

TheaForYou: Every person is different, and I try to treat everybody according to his or her preferences. The fact that I try to be as natural as possible, and keep it real with my users attracts them. If they need the real girlfriend experience, I am willing to offer this, as long as we all agree that this is just virtual and things do not get out of control.

XBIZ: Tell us about the benefits of camming on Stripchat.

TheaForYou: In my opinion, Stripchat is the best website, and I am not saying this just to promote it. Here, I found users that became real friends for me, and even though I’ve been trying some other ones as well, I found this platform very easy, as well as user- and model-friendly. I strongly recommend it for the atmosphere, for the feeling that we are a community and because it can be a life-changing experience. Also, the fact that it is not overpopulated with models yet, allows me to think I can grow together with the website.

XBIZ: According to your Stripchat profile, you are multi-lingual. How often do you use English, Spanish, French and Italian?

TheaForYou: I am multi-lingual indeed, but in my chat room, I use mostly English. It is the language that most of us understand, and I’d rather keep it like this to keep the rest of the users engaged in the conversation as well. I use other languages as well in private conversations, private shows and cam-to-cam shows, because, as I previously said, I do like to give the real girlfriend experience and make people happy.