Director’s Chair: Anton Slayer Discusses Decades-Long Career

Director’s Chair: Anton Slayer Discusses Decades-Long Career

Anton Slayer is what you mean when you call someone a mainstay. For over two decades, he’s been a pillar of the porn business — one of the hardest working, most frequently employed and always reliable directors.

“I started out in late 1987,” he says, “and actually my first job was selling VHS tapes to stores at Western Visuals. I honestly didn’t set out to be a director. It ended up being a natural progression for me.”

I wanted to produce titles that set themselves very apart from the flooded market of scenario-based my brother’s sister’s mother’s dad’s babysitter’s interracial office, oil-overloaded orgy.

Over those years he developed a close relationship with Metro, a studio for which he has worked almost exclusively.

“I started with Metro around 1997,” he recalls. “I was producing for Greg Alves at that time and when he was hired as the GM for Metro, I followed him. I have had many contracts over the years with Metro and since I have such a history and great relationship with Metro, I’ll continue to produce for them for till I stroke out with a camera in my hand.”

Mike Quasar, his good friend and fellow director, entered the business around the same time. At one time they were known affectionately as “the Two Mikes.” They had a reputation for being industrious, amiable, funny and, crucially, well-liked by the talent. And, they could turn out gonzo videos at an almost alarming rate.

“Mike and I were producing titles together long before we did with Metro,” Slayer says. “I brought Mike on when I was producing titles for Patrick Collins of Elegant Angel years before. Yes, to this day people still get confused on which Mike they are talking about. I love him like a brother and he is clearly my best friend in or out of the porn biz.”If you look up Slayer on the IAFD website you’ll come up with Mike Adams, the name he first used, as well as Vincent Voss and Zander. His list of titles numbers, so far, 230.

This includes work in just about every straight porn genre: anal (including the popular “Backseat Driver” line), oral, lesbian, ethnic (Black, Latin, Asian), interracial, MILF, young girls (including “Finally Legal”) and most recently BDSM. He’s also dabbled in such offbeat niches as squirting, transsexuals, pegging, bukkake, handjobs, cougars — the whole ball of pornwax.

Which niche has been his strongest? “I would have to say, based on my sales, that girl-girl fem-dom is quite popular.” Interracial has also been a notable field for him. “I try to stay current with sales trends as well as be in front of the curve and interracial has been strong in sales for quite a while.”

Between 2009 and 2011, Slayer worked with Vouyer Media. “I was running the day to day at the office as well as producing most of the titles,” he recalls. “I created ‘Superstar Showdown’ and really enjoyed produc-ng them. They were quite a lot of fun.” That series gifted porn fans with such dynamite screen pairings as Asa Akira vs. Kristina Rose, Tori Black vs. Alexis Texas and Lisa Ann vs. Francesca Le.

Over the years he seems to have developed a special knack for girl-girl movies, with numerous volumes of the long-running “No Man’s Land” line under his belt.

“I genuinely love to produce girl-girl for many reasons. First off I love women. Secondly, on girl-girl shoots I am surrounded by just girls and that’s awesome. And finally and most importantly, I don’t have to film or see male talent stroking their cocks while telling me about their week, or possibly being hit by a wayward rogue squirt of seminal fluid.”

Recently he’s been in charge of Metro’s BDSM line, Deviant Entertainment, and he’s doing very well with it. Titles include “Electro-Dom,” “Diamonds in the Rough,” “DominAsian” and “FemDomination.”

“I started Deviant with Metro in 2014,” he says. “I wanted to create something different and have it be very hardcore but glossy as well. I wanted to produce titles that set themselves very apart from the flooded market of scenario-based ‘my brother’s sister’s mother’s dad’s babysitter’s interracial office, oil-overloaded orgy.’”And he has not ignored parodies. His work in that crowded genre includes “This Ain’t Gilligan’s Island XXX” and “This Ain’t the Munsters XXX” for Hustler Video.

“I loved doing parodies. It really gave me a chance to not only do feature work but to also re-create some of the shows of my youth. I especially enjoyed making ‘The Dukes of Hazzard: A Hardcore Parody’ (a.k.a. ‘Not Really the Dukes of Hazzard’) for Vouyer Media.”

Best work? “I am extremely proud of all my Deviant titles. I also feel the same for many others, including ‘Dukes,’ ‘The Munsters,’ ‘Taboo 23,’ ‘Superstar Showdown’ series and a lot more…”

The past 20 years have brought many changes in the way porn is made, and Slayer has not been unaffected. “When I first came in it was more of a family, the relations I had with a small group of people I was always working with. Now, it’s like bam-bam-thank-you-ma’am… faces you don’t know, heading out the door.

“There’s such an influx of new talent. It’s nice to see new girls come in, but they have the shelf life of a gallon of milk. They’re shot up so much and then they just disappear.”

New technology, he feels, has enabled some directors to over-indulge their mainstream instincts. “There’s so much dialogue to get, and then they say you got 30 minutes to finish up [with the sex]. That’s a little off base for creating fantasy porn, erotica. People need to be able to masturbate to it.”

And what’s in Slayer’s future?

“I will continue to push the envelope with Deviant titles. I have a lot of new shows as well as a new series in the works.” That series, he reveals, is “an updated version” of the venerable “Taboo” line. He says he’ll be “pushing the envelope a little bit harder” as far as the incest angle goes.

He sums up his task as a director: “There’s a guy and a girl, how do I get them to bed in the quickest way possible?” And he concludes: “I’m still able to produce what appeals to a good number of people.”

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