CB-X’s Nikki Yates Discusses Evolution of Male Chastity Devices

Launched in 1999 by owner-designers Frank and Doris Miller, A.L. Enterprises created a consumer-friendly alternative to male chastity devices that at the time cost upwards of $1,000. By introducing male chastity devices made from a polycarbonate material, A.L. Enterprises introduced consumers to a lighter male chastity device that’s more long-term wear friendly that its predecessors. The company was also able to reduce costs by removing the need for custom fitting by creating a design that allowed the customer to adjust the device to the proper fit without the assistance of the manufacturer. Through the years, A.L. Enterprises has continued to evolve with new products, and rebranding as CB-X, which has contributed to the company’s rapidly expanding customer base.

XBIZ: How has CB-6000 evolved through the years?

The majority of customers purchasing CB-X male chastity devices fall into two main groups: either fetish devotees or couples interested in expanding their sexual experiences with tease play. Chastity is the ultimate tease.

Nikki Yates: The CB-X’s first product to be released was the CB-2000. It was discontinued in 2009. It was a very cagey design with bars. It has evolved over the years into the current designs that are more naturally penis shaped. The current models are more discreet under clothing. We have changed the ring design to make it easier to put on and more comfortable for long-term wear.

XBIZ: What do you attribute the success of the CB-6000 to?

Yates: While our line was originally designed for long-term wear by fetish enthusiasts, the majority of our consumers now are people who want to use it for date night for tease play. “Fifty Shades of Grey” seems to have made it desirable to branch out a bit sexually and try things that are a little edgy and naughty. CB-X has been the world leader in male chastity for over a decade. Our line of products offers security and comfort for long-term use, and also fun and excitement for the couple wearing it for an adventurous date night. Our CB-X devices give the key holder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners and can be used for role reversal and help to show women and men that they can enjoy being both submissive and dominant. Growing attention to our products can be partially attributed to the trend in S&M play that is being found more in even the most vanilla relationships. As our market shifts from dominatrix to domestic, men are finally comfortable exploring their fetish fantasies now that the women in their lives are open to it also. The majority of customers purchasing CB-X male chastity devices fall into two main groups: either fetish devotees or couples interested in expanding their sexual experiences with tease play. Chastity is the ultimate tease.

XBIZ: Which is the bestselling version of the CB-6000?

Yates: The top-selling model for CB-X is the CB-6000 cock cage. The CB-6000 is lightweight, comfortable and customizable. It is made for long-term wear should the user choose to wear it for extended periods of time, but perfectly suited for the beginner.

XBIZ: How has CB-6000 been instrumental in the mainstreaming of male chastity devices?

Yates: The devices on the market before our CB-X line were heavy steel, custom fit and could cost over $1,000. By designing a product that people could fit into their everyday lives, we created a niche for ourselves worldwide.

XBIZ: Discuss the accessories included with the CB-6000 . How do they add value/ enhance the customer experience?

Yates: CB-X’s product model is a kit that the consumer can take to the privacy of his own home to customize his fit, making this a comfortable experience for him. We have made all of our designs so the cages are interchangeable. If you purchase a kit and find you need a different size cage you can purchase just the cage only and it will fit the kit you already have. The kit also comes with a set of one-time-use, individually numbered plastic locks. These can be used by people that need to pass through a metal detector undetected, lawyers, judges, travelers.

XBIZ: What’s the most memorable customer response/review that the CB-6000 has received?

Yates: We have heard from customers all over the world, from couples wearing it for a couple of hours to months at a time. One of the most memorable comes from a long-time customer (in his 70s) who says: “There are two good reasons (for me) that explain why I am locked: No. 1, the fact that I can’t masturbate or have any relief/release/orgasm without her key this has set my testosterone level (according to my last physical) to a range that is typical or a man in his late 30s to early 40s, and that definitely peaks my interest in her. No. 2, I have to deal with a neurological problem with my heart rhythm so the pharmaceutical treatments that are out there (i.e. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis) might be lethal to me. I am no longer embarrassed about my wife/key holder controlling my sex — it is done to benefit us as a couple. When I am released we have great sex. I have good, strong erections and great orgasms.”


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