Making an Impression: Trenton Ducati Continues to Diversify His Brand

We’ve seen Trenton Ducati in a doctor’s office before, giving an exam to patient Landon Conrad in the sterile confines of HH General — all part of Hot House’s hit “My Doctor Sucks.” But when Ducati found himself naked in a similar office in Texas in May, the circumstances were a little different: One of three new Fleshjack Boys, he was getting his private parts molded for a legion of fans to enjoy first hand.

“There were about six people in there, and I’m used to getting naked in front of people like that, so that part was no big deal. But to bend over and let them mold your ass is kind of awkward,” he says with a laugh. “Then you have to put this device on your dick — it’s like a large PVC pipe full of this Play-Doh type stuff, and you jam your hard cock in there as hard as you can, and I’m like thinking ‘big’ thoughts the whole time. You gotta hold it on there for 12 minutes or so. All you’re doing is trying to make a good impression — which is obviously exactly what you’re trying to do.”

When humans get together, it could be something way better than what I’m thinking. If you’re too stuck in your idea, then you’re gonna miss the whole boat. –Trenton Ducati

Ducati noted a lot of Tumblr helped, as did the surprise presence of a face from his past.

“It turned out that I knew the guy doing the molding back from when I was in junior high. How weird, right? We both grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was like, this is an awkward place to run into each other again! But it’s amazing because it felt very spiritual,” says Ducati, who made the discovery the day before at a gathering hosted by Fleshlight owners Steve and Kathy Shubin.

“They had live music, and the live music turned out to be Mike, their research and development person from Santa Fe. I told him I was from Santa Fe, and we started talking — it’s a small town. And I knew I recognized him from somewhere, so I kept asking him questions. Of course I wasn’t Trenton then, so I told him my name and he figured it out from there. We went to junior high and then high school together, we played basketball together, it was a whole thing,” he says with enthusiasm.

“He actually was my good friend in junior high — so I felt very comfortable, and very much like this is where I’m supposed to be. Plus it was in Austin where my grandfather lived, where I used to go when I was younger. So the whole thing felt right.”

Ducati had received offers to immortalize his manhood before, but had always turned them down. But Fleshlight made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“I never wanted to do these sex toys before because companies always want to pay you a lump sum, which is a terrible deal. I would never go for it, and I always waited. And I thought I had waited past the point when they’d ever want me to do it,” he says with a laugh. “But then this deal came.”

Ducati says he is the first model that’s given a percentage of his earnings back to a charity — his Kill Meth Foundation — which will see 20 percent of each sale.

“That’s important to me — it gives me incentive,” he says. “We were talking about it at dinner. The owners Steve and Kathy were there and they heard that I was doing that, so they matched me — so it’s 40 percent now to Kill Meth, and that’s amazing to me. If I can send somebody to rehab with a sex toy, that’s the best I can do. I think it would be amazing. That’s gonna be making money long after I’m done being in front of the camera, hopefully. Fleshlight is a gigantic company; we went to the factory and hung out at the ranch. It was amazing — they treated me so good. They were really appreciative that I was there, and I felt very comfortable.”

Ducati was also joined by industry vet Anthony Duran, who was filming the process for a documentary. The two are also business partners, founding Ducati Studios. They run, with recent films like “Skater Fucks” and “Teach Me Daddy” available on AEBN; and also bought fetish site, which has an update every week. Ducati directs for both, adding a new full-sex scene every week to GentlemensCloset along with a Fetish Friday that adds focused scenes like foot fetish featuring clothed models. Ducati and Duran also produce and shoot for other large studios, while Ducati also his own modeling agency.

“It’s ridiculous!” he says of the busy year. “I have good business partners. Anthony has been in this for like 15 years, and he’s amazing. As far as directing goes, I like the creative outlet. I get flooded with ideas, so you have to really be able to concentrate and just take one or two of them, and execute them well. So I’m trying to learn that process. It’s really exciting and a nice release — to have these fantasies, let them play out in your head, and then putting them together like a human puzzle with these different people and variables.”

Ducati notes he listens to fan feedback on social media and incorporates that into the process, and also pays attention to the performers in the moment.

“I try to get the best out of the guys. Like when the action is good, what I try to do is keep rolling, even if it’s not what you want at that point — just capture that energy,” he says. “I don’t have to be stuck to a plan, or I’ll ruin the beauty of something. When humans get together, it could be something way better than what I’m thinking. If you’re too stuck in your idea, then you’re gonna miss the whole boat. So I’m trying to be flexible with ideas in the directing world, and I’ve been trying to learn the second camera, which is great.”

Ducati also shoots monthly for, and continues to appear in releases from the big studios, including Channel 1’s recent “Daddy Chasers” (“Trenton gets fucked by this amazing fuck machine by Jason Phoenix,” gushes director Chi Ch LaRue). His Kill Meth Foundation is also teaming up with Matinee San Diego Festival 2015 and will be the event’s beneficiary; and was part of Seattle Pride in late June, holding a fundraiser. That same weekend, Rocco Steele (part of Ducati Models) was scheduled to march for Kill Meth in the New York City Pride parade, while Ducati notes Kill Meth will also be involved with San Diego Pride. Ducati and Steele also joined LaRue in June for Gay Days Orlando and the Mighty Mouse Pornstar Party.

“And I just recently moved with my husband, who is now a super popular model, to L.A.,” says the exhausted Ducati, who just weeks later was busy winning a Grabby Award for Performer of the Year along with Ryan Rose. “I live right down the street from Chi Chi… so, good for me! We were traveling and moving for a month, doing all this stuff, and today is my first Saturday to sit in the apartment, actually living here.”