The Boys (and Movies) of Summer

Remember the old days when gay pride festivals were easy to keep track of?

“Prides have gotten so big and are in so many different places — they now start in May and they end in September! So there’s lots of stuff happening,” says Chi Chi LaRue. “I’m crazy busy during Pride because I’m DJing. I’m doing Seattle Pride and taking Trenton Ducati and Sebastian Kross with me; then Trenton and Rocco Steele are going with me to Gay Days in Orlando. Then I’m going back two weeks later for a big gay party at the Parliament House Resort in Orlando, and I don’t know who’s going with me to that yet... I hope Boomer Banks will say yes.”

The toy business has really been a blessing, because the DVD business is...not. -Chi Chi Larue

Not that the diva is complaining — the opportunity is perfect to promote what Channel 1 Releasing has in store. LaRue will be doing giveaways for the company’s hot new toy line and the latest films — including current hit “Daddy Chasers” on the Catalina label.

“It’s doing phenomenally well; I think it’s probably due to the fact that Sam Truitt is on the cover. I think he’s the new big dick ‘it’ boy. He’s just this goofy kid that’s got a ginormous penis, and it works really good. He’s reminiscent of a young Chad Hunt. And he’s an amazing performer.”

Releasing soon is “Daddy Issues” featuring Casey Everett, Kyle Kash, Scotty Rage, Mitch Vaughn and Trelino. Oh yeah, and that Rocco Steele guy: “Rocco Steele right now is the cock master,” LaRue says. “It’s all about Rocco Steele’s cock. The film has daddy-themed ties — button-up shirts, boxer shorts, older/younger kind of scenarios.”

Also upcoming is the director’s reunion with recent XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year Landon Conrad, whose first feature film ever was LaRue’s “Playing with Fire: 4 Alarm” in 2009. The two recently shot “It All Cums Down to Cock”, which will be the swan song for popular performer Jason Phoenix.

“The toy business has really been a blessing, because the DVD business is ... not,” notes LaRue. “But I'm very surprised at the reaction to the last couple of releases we had — ‘Sucked Off in Weird Places’ and ‘Lil Dirty Brother’. I think Jason definitely has something to do with that, because he's so good looking. There hasn't been a big ol’ gorgeous stud like that since I don't know when. Just a big, normal looking guy."

LaRue plans a big marathon shoot in August for three as-yet-untitled films, while Channel 1 continues to reap the benefits of All Worlds Video legend Dirk Yates.

“We just released ‘Dirk Yates Cum Shots 101’ and ‘Anchors Aweigh 6’, and we’re going to be getting a feature from him that he hasn’t titled yet. He’s still casting and doing them, so we just let him do his thing. He doesn’t want to stop. He’s behind the camera; if you watch the movies, you still hear the voice. He loves it.”

Another living gay porn legend — Joe Gage — will continue his long-lasting (and critically acclaimed) relationship with Titan. The studio has two new films coming out over the summer and early Fall. The first, “Opportunity Knocks”, releases in July and stars TitanMen exclusive Nick Prescott with popular Dirk Caber. The second Gage release is slated for September: “Lessons to be Learned” is led by exclusive Dario Beck. “Both are classic Gage with a steamy build of sexual tension and energy,” notes Vice President Keith Webb. “No one does it quite like Mr. Gage!”

Titan recently finished filming daddy-themed entry “Blue Collar Ballers” with exclusives Jesse Jackman, Eddy Ceetee and Prescott, who are joined by Caber, Hugh Hunter and “the newest daddy on the block Dallas Steele. Talk about beef! You are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more about Dallas over the coming months,” shares Webb.

Titan — which also has a new lube line from Doc Johnson releasing this summer — recently signed new exclusive Eric Nero. And Webb offers even bigger news (quite an accomplishment given how hung Nero is) that will have fans salivating: “We’ll be in Palm Springs at the end of (April) filming our big holiday release that will feature the return of... drum roll please... David Anthony! ‘Like Fathers, Like Sons’ features David and Casey Williams as the DILF-y dads, and Luke Adams and Caleb King as their fuckable sons. This will be a return to our old-school TitanMen films: Porn with a plot. Storyline, suspense, building of sexual energy and passion.”

Energy is also filling Falcon Studios Group, headlined by Falcon’s two-part “Tahoe” project from director Tony Dimarco. Recently released “Tahoe: Cozy Up” will be followed by “Tahoe: Keep Me Warm” in early June.

“We had a great time filling it — it’s so beautiful up in Tahoe,” Dimarco says. “We had these amazing locations and so many hot performers. Also another big bonus was that I was able to use a new HD transfer of the first Falcon film ever made: ‘The Other Side of Aspen’. I used the film in one of the scenes, as one of the performers is caught wacking off to it on the big HDTV screen.

“I wanted to pay homage to our roots, and it was the first snow-themed film, so I was very thankful that it worked out. We also include bonus scenes of this HD transfer on the discs. They are also available for download on the website. It’s one of my favorite films in porn, so I was honored that I could feature it.”

The film stars Sebastian Kross, Johnny V, Andrew Stark, Ricky Decker, Nick Sterling and more. Dimarco also helmed “Sex Pad”, releasing in late July. “It’s about an apartment and the key to it that’s being passed between six hot guys to use for their sexual escapades. I really like the simplicity of the concept and the location is great, with a great view of the Vegas strip. It stars a few of our exclusives, two new guys and one special cast member that I can’t reveal at this time.”

Meanwhile, fellow director Steve Cruz keeps Raging Stallion blazing with recent release “Foreskin Mafia”, starring exclusives Boomer Banks and Sean Zevran with Logan Moore. “Filmed in the studio, I get to explore my favorite fetish. The cast is diverse and uncircumcised as nature intended,” Cruz says. “There’s a criminal subplot for fans of the classic porn genre. Boomer does a great job interrogating and blackmailing. Logan is so sexy, I could direct him forever — he has hot scenes with Sean and Armando De Armas.”

Cruz is also prepping “Sidewinder” for an early July release. “Filmed on location near Joshua Tree in California, it’s a collection of western-themed sex scenarios. After getting gritty, I wanted to direct something light and playful and sexually connected. We got outdoors in nature and it’s beautiful.”

The cast includes exclusives Zevran, Kross, Johnny V and Sterling — and Cruz is excited for a new face. “Not to be missed is sexy European star Letterio Amadeo. OMChrist! Deep masculine voice, thick and uncut. Tall, dark and hairy. His big dick exposed on a dusty trail. Yeah, heaven.”

The director also goes into production on a huge double movie this summer starring the Falcon Studios Group A-Team. “All our exclusives together like never before in an undisclosed location, again somewhere outdoors. In fact, I hear there’s no cell service or Internet where we’re going. That ought to be interesting. Nothing to do for weeks but fuck, fuck, fuck. Likely you won’t hear about it until it’s happened.”

Also out on the Hard Friction line in early June is “Fuck Yeah!” with Kross, Adam Ramzi, Tyce Jax, Theo Ford, Billy Santoro and new model Caleb King.

Bel Ami also has a busy summer ahead. “We are shooting the follow-up to the million-selling ‘Greek Holiday’ films in Greece this summer. It will be a big-budget production with an all-star cast and stunning backdrop of the Greek islands. We are also shooting in our own backyard of the Czech countryside in a beautiful chateau throughout the summer. It’s the same chateau that we let NakedSword use for the movie ‘Dirty Rascals’ last year,” said a studio spokesperson.

“We are also releasing the DVD ‘The One and Only Hoyt Kogan’, which is our first DVD featuring Hoyt who is a new generation superstar model. Additionally, we have a brand new toy line which we will begin promoting heavily over the summer.”

CockyBoys, which picked up honors for Best Gay Movie and Director this year, looks to do it again with the release of the acclaimed “Answered Prayers” on DVD. On the site, the studio is releasing the “Want Me, Love Me, Rent Me” series; while in June CockyBoys launches the much anticipated reality series “Meet the MoreCocks” featuring Jake Bass, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Ricky Roman, Liam Riley and Tayte Hanson — as well as owner/director Jake Jaxson, director of photography RJ Sebastian and creative director Benny Moorecock. The series promises to give fans a peak into the lives of the CockyBoys owners and models like never before, and is expected to be a hit.