Treasure Island Continues Its Salute to Oral Sex

Treasure Island Continues Its Salute to Oral Sex
Dan Cameron

It all started in 2001, when “Bones for Cumpuppy” showed a different side of Treasure Island Media — one strictly dedicated to oral sex aficionados. Since then, the studio has made an effort to keep fellatio fans happy — with series like “Damon Blows America,” “Drunk on Cum,” “Slurpin’ Jizz” and “Bone Head” leading the way, along with popular one-off entries like “Skull Fuck” and “Suck It.” That dedication continues this month with the release of the fifth volume in the studio’s “Suck Dick/Save the World” series.

When he started Treasure Island, the very first scene Paul Morris shot was a gloryhole blowjob. For the first few years, he mixed cocksucking scenes in with fuck scenes (the studio’s first “swallow” video was actually called “Swallow” in 2000; it featured cocksucking and fucking).

I’m not interested in egos, personalities, fame, porn experience, any of that. –Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media

“I started getting a huge amount of mail from avid cocksuckers out there, and they were all asking me to start making all-oral videos. This was back in the day of VHS tapes, and they were getting tired of fast-forwarding through the fuck scenes to get to the blowjobs,” Morris recalls. “I started getting letters from guys who wanted to come to San Francisco and swallow gallons of semen, suck off rooms full of men. And to a great extent, from that point on I’ve basically followed the desires of the men who are in the videos.”

Morris says they tell him what they love to do, and he does his damnedest to make it happen.

“Men who love sucking cock are extraordinarily passionate and committed. They get annoyed that there are men out there who think that sucking cock isn’t ‘real’ sex, that’s it’s a warm-up for the ‘real thing’, i.e. fucking. For me, cocksucking is the purest form of sex, of connecting man to man at a profound yet easily accessible level. Guys who like my cocksucking videos tend to agree with that. When you get right down to it, cocksucking is as straightforward a way for men to connect as conversation. My goal is to make cocksucking as commonplace and accepted as conversation. That’s the general idea behind the ‘suck dick, save the world’ concept. There’s been a lot of support for that. I have no doubt that if you increased the amount of time men spent sucking cock and getting sucked, you’d be solving a hell of a lot of problems.”

Morris says the requests he receives from men wanting to be filmed sucking or getting sucked is constant and growing, and “transcends the social definitions of sexuality. For example, it’s not uncommon for guys who identify as ‘straight’ to contact me, admitting either that they love having their dick sucked by a man or that they regularly feel a powerful need to put another guy’s cock in their mouth.” He adds that the customer base for their cocksucking videos is sizable, loyal and always growing.

A lot of that good will was built on the “Damon Blows America” series, where cock hound Damon Dogg traveled the country to show off his craft. The series started in 2002 in Portland, and concluded in Denver with Volume 10 in 2008.

“I honestly think Damon Dogg showed a generation of men how to suck dick. He always had his priorities perfectly right: sucking cock is about sucking cock, period. It’s not about being groomed or muscular or dominant or anything: it’s about a mouth and a dick, and that’s all you need. The ‘Damon Blows America’ series was completely his idea, because basically he really does want to blow every man everywhere,” Morris says.

“Damon used to regularly suck off guys at different bars in San Francisco. Once I was in a bar — I think it was the Powerhouse on Folsom — and Damon was on his knees, sucking off every dude in the place. I happened to overhear an over-groomed preening ‘porn star’ say to Damon in disgust, ‘You’re sucking off the ugliest men I’ve ever seen.’ Damon pulled his mouth off the big uncut cock he was servicing just long enough to respond with, ‘That’s why I never look up.’”

And for Morris, that illustrates one of the key mantras he lives by when casting for his suck films: “It’s never about how they look. It’s about how they look at cock. I’m not interested in egos, personalities, fame, porn experience, any of that. There’s a look that comes over a man’s face when he’s kneeling in front of another man—something between wonder and hunger. I don’t care if a guy is great at technique or deep-throating because all men are at different levels of experience in the practice. For example, in one of my favorite scenes from a past video, the cocksucker is struggling to suck a truly monumental cock and stays at it until he finally pulls back and says, ‘I can’t do this.’ But his eyes never leave the cock, his hands never leave it, and then his mouth opens and he’s right back at it. That’s the kind of guy I’m interested in: dick-obsessed cocksuckers.”

Morris says he would make these videos even if he only sold one copy, and that he “throws out” most of what they shoot, “usually because the guys in front of the camera have watched — or been in — too much porn, and rather than having sex, they have ‘porn sex’.” That might account for the slow pace of Treasure Island’s oral entries (the last one, ‘Bone Head 2’, came out last May). But Morris insists he is committed for life to producing cocksucking videos.

“They’re extraordinarily important in a world that’s becoming more and more virtually connected and less and less corporeally blissful,” he says. “Here’s what I’m trying to say in the videos that focus on cocksucking: ‘Look at this beautiful cock; look how easy and fun it is to suck it; check out how this guy behaves while his dick is getting sucked. The guys you’re watching are no different from you, so if they can do this, so can you; now get out there and suck cock.’”