Ballin’ Belle: Behind the Scenes With Belle Knox

"This girl is a natural,” observes Luc Wylder as he watches Belle Knox shooting her pretty-girl stills. “She knows exactly how to pose.” We’re in an improvised photo studio, a large seamless sheet of paper serving as a backdrop as Knox, nude except for strappy high-heel shoes, poses for Alexandra Silk’s beeping, flashing still camera.

“Get on all fours. Yes, just like that,” Silk coos as Knox looks back over her shoulder. “Arch your back a little more.” Flash flash flash. “Now turn your butt a little more towards me. That’s it. Yes.”

She started shooting scenes in her first semester at Duke after typing “How to be a porn star” in a search engine and sending her information to adult industry talent agencies.

Knox has become virally famous almost overnight as the Duke University freshman who was outed as a porn performer by a fellow student. She has appeared on CNN and has been the subject of talk-show discussions and Internet chatter for a couple of weeks.

“Adam & Eve flipped that she was from Duke, just down the road from them in North Carolina,” Wylder says. She’s going to be the centerpiece in the production, the first in the new series “Real College Girl” slated for a May release. The schedule today calls for an interview, a solo scene and a boy/girl with Johnny Castle. A girl/girl and a b/b/g will be shot before the end of the week.

Knox is small, waiflike, with a lithe, slim figure and expressive brown eyes. When she stands up to see the pictures in Silk’s viewfinder, her hand hovers protectively over her shaved vulva. After inspecting the pictures she grabs her discarded clothing and puts on her bra before heading to the bedroom set for the on-camera interview.

In the bedroom, Wylder tells Knox that the interview will be broken up into parts to introduce the scenes, and he would like to edit his voice out of the final product, so could she please restate the questions as he asks them. They chat about her being a college student — Duke University has requested that she not wear Duke insignia clothing in her scenes, but is all right with her mentioning that she is a student there — and after a few adjustments, Wylder rolls.

In the interview, Knox says that she is from Minnesota, and has been performing for four months. She is 18 years old, and has appeared in anywhere from 25 to 30 scenes. “I haven’t really kept count.” She was “nerdy” in high school (“I was captain of the debate team. I was president of, like, all the clubs. I was an overachiever.”) and worked as a waitress (“It was horrible. Everybody was really mean to me.”) She started shooting scenes in her first semester at Duke after typing “How to be a porn star” in a search engine and sending her information to adult industry talent agencies. “It was really easy, actually,” she says with a grin.

She was outed by a “douchey frat guy” who she begged to keep her work a secret but he told the people at a fraternity “because he was trying to get a bid.”

“Within days it was all over the school. Within weeks it was all over the country... I haven’t talked to him since this entire ordeal transpired, and I will never talk to him again. I’ve reached a place where I forgive him, and I don’t wish any ill will upon him, but I think that he doesn’t realize the gravity of his actions.”

She says she considered leaving Duke, but she has gotten support from many students there, including the lesbian and gay community: “They really love me, and I love them too.”

The interview leads into a masturbation sequence, where she goes to a wicker basket full of sex toys. She zeroes in on a Magic Wand, and Wylder stops her. “Don’t go straight to that. Look at some of the toys, show then to the camera, say ‘I like this one, but I like vibrators more…’ then you can go to the Wand.”

When the camera rolls, Knox follows the plan but when she takes the Wand she turns it on and applies it straight to her clit, moaning and squealing until Wylder stops her. “You’ve got plenty of time on this, so try to make it authentic.”

“It is authentic,” she interrupts. “I actually do it like this.”

“You don’t have to rush,” Wylder says. “Take your time. Remember, it’s romantic.”

Knox slows down her pace, moving her legs apart and posing for Wylder’s moving camera. Her face reflects her growing pleasure, and she brings herself to two apparent orgasms before the scene ends. Wylder calls cut, then asks her “Was that good?”

“I came twice,” she grins. “That was intense.”

When Castle joins her on the bed for the dual interview, his face breaks out in a big grin when he finds out she’s 18. Castle says he was close to receiving a Master’s degree in Psychology before entering the industry, and he’s done some 1300 scenes. His first scene was supposed to be a b/b/g three-way in an apartment in New Jersey, but the other guy couldn’t perform and Castle “tore it up.” The grateful producer said “You’re gonna be in L.A. someday.”

“For each position, I need five minutes of hard and five minutes of soft,” Wylder tells them. “When I’m shooting soft, I can’t see anything. Or I can’t use it. The air conditioning’s going to be off, but we kinda like the sweat. I’m going to be just as hot as you are. I sympathize,” he adds with a grin.

When the sex scene starts, they slowly pull each other’s clothes off, and her lithe figure contrasts well with his muscular torso. He pulls her bra off and she throws it off the bed. “They want you to leave your socks on,” Wylder tells Knox. She points her toes to the ceiling as he pulls her panties off, and when he starts to lick her pussy, her face goes from pensive to a satisfied smile. “Tastes so good” he groans as she giggles happily. Wylder zeroes in on her face, moving her hand to her middle as he raises his camera high, shooting straight down. “Look at him,” Wylder directs. On “Okay, Johnny, show it to me,” Castle backs off so Wylder’s camera can catch the oral action.

When she pulls off his shorts, he pops out rock-hard, indicating he isn’t jaded after 1300 scenes. She tentatively, teasingly sucks him, licking, kissing, on again off again. He reaches down to hold her head as she bobs on his cock. “I need soft,” Wylder says, and she moves her head to conceal the action from the camera. When Wylder says, “Show it to me now,” she pulls back, looks at Castle’s cock, then opens her mouth wide to take it all in. He reaches down to finger her as he thrusts into her mouth.

As the scene progresses, Knox adeptly follows Wylder’s direction, shifting from hardcore to softcore quickly but not abruptly. Her pleasure is reflected in her face, as well as the occasional discomfort from holding an uncomfortable position longer than expected. She follows the veteran Castle’s lead, moving her leg to let the camera see penetration, and maintaining eye contact with him.

The scene ends with a spoon position, with Castle pulling out and popping over her hip across her torso. When Wylder calls “Cut,” they separate, reaching for towels. She wraps hers around herself and heads to the shower. He towels off and heads to his cell phone, casually naked, to check his messages and emails.

“That was good,” Wylder says later. “I liked the interview and the two scenes will cut together well. I think Adam & Eve will be pleased.

“And we start again tomorrow,” he adds with a grin.