Sharpshooter: Director Mason Opens Up About New OpenLife Venture

The creative force spearheading the launch of the OpenLife Entertainment production department is as mysterious as she is notorious.

Mason does not often grant interviews and she never shows her face in the press. Yet her distinctive brand of adult filmmaking during the past 10-plus years has become synonymous with premium-quality, envelope-pushing hardcore porn.

I still love waking up every day to an opportunity to capture epic moments where people let go and revel in their sexuality. — Mason, Director/Producer

Now that OpenLife has formed in a joint venture between Mile High Media and Gamma Entertainment, Mason stands poised to enter the next phase of her colorful career behind the camera. This month she will introduce the first releases from HardX and EroticaX — a pair of fresh studio brands she will manage for OpenLife — both of which will not only feature her signature content, but also showcase her newest ideas and concepts.

In this exclusive interview, Mason discusses her vision for the new lines, her directing style and what she enjoys doing when she’s not making porn.

How many years in porn now?

It’s been a long, long time. So long, I don’t like to think about it! When you hit a number like I just did, the potential for routinization becomes likely. So, I like to think every day I go to shoot is like the very first time I shot my first scene. It keeps it fresh and exciting.

What did you do for a living before the adult industry?

I was a college grad on my way to law school.

How did you learn about filmmaking/shooting?

I was a fan first. I was the one bringing the boyfriends into the adult stores, picking out my favorite movies to bring home. When I lost my desire to pursue law, shooting porn became the obvious choice! I met Rodney Moore at a convention and became his full-time camera person and editor. He taught me everything technical I needed to know, and was a great mentor. I owe a lot to Rodney Moore. I branched out and started to work for Andre Madness, who taught me one of the best business lessons in life. He also put me in touch with Elegant Angel. I’m very grateful to them both.

What do you think are the ingredients for a successful adult movie?

Performers who are committed to their sex as well as the project / scene itself. Art direction, chemistry between performers, and a crew that’s fully committed to creating great things.

How would you describe your directing style?

One part cheerleader, one part coach, one part conductor.

How would you describe your editing style?

Preserving as many authentic moments as possible. I also have a strong attention to detail, and that’s my main strength in editing.

What will your role entail in creating the OpenLife production department?

My role will entail anything and everything that is handed to me! From the movie concepts to art direction, to casting, to editing. I luckily have my hands in just about everything. From assistants to amazing photographers and editors, to mentors, and of course the performers, everyone has done a great job thus far. I can’t do this alone, and I haven’t.

What are the names of the two new studios you’ll be heading for OpenLife and how will they differ?

HardX and EroticaX. HardX is a high-end gonzo brand, and a continuation of what the fans have come to expect from the movies I’ve been a part of. EroticaX features beautiful and intimate exchanges between performers, shot on DSLR cameras, and it’s unlike anything else out there in the marketplace.

You mentioned that O.L. is presenting you with “the opportunity to explore romance and art direction in a way you’ve never done before.” Could you expand on that?

EroticaX challenges me to push my boundaries and conceptualize scenes in a way I’ve never done before. It’s like everything I shot for Club 59 taken to the next level.

How often will you be releasing new movies?

Each studio will release two titles each, per month.

What are the various genres of porn you plan to shoot with O.L.?

Star Showcases, an anal line, gangbangs, DP’s, facials, alongside romance content for EroticaX.

What is the title, theme and cast of your first O.L. release and when will it come out?

The first HardX release will be a Star Showcase featuring Anikka Albrite’s first anal scene. It is set for a September release, and it is one of the best things I have been a part of. Anikka gave everything to this movie.

What kind of production crew do you use? How many people may be on set with you aside from the talent?

I like to keep the crew size to a minimum. It adds to the intimacy and keeps distraction to a minimum. We have a short amount of time to make something great, so condensing the energy seems to be the best approach.

Who is someone that you think is poised to be a big star in the future and why?

I’m fascinated by Lily Love at the moment. She is the total package. Ramon Nomar just brings something unique to every scene. He is so creative and sophisticated. I’m so taken by him right now.

What do you think of the current pool of talent compared with years past?

I see girls/women who are far more in touch with their sexuality than generations past. It’s such an awesome time to be surrounded by confident people who truly love their sex.

What do you like most about your job?

I still love waking up every day to an opportunity to capture epic moments where people let go and revel in their sexuality. There is something so freeing in seeing a woman indulge in her sex. It’s not something I was taught was ok growing up, so, it’s daily therapy for me.

What are your hobbies?

I don’t have much time for recreation, but when I do, it’s usually hiking somewhere in the desert, where it’s quiet and unfettered. I also try to make it to the gun range as often as possible. Although, I recently learned to drive a stick shift, so I’m super obsessed with sports cars at the moment!


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