Live Cam Content Fuels Adult Entertainment Today

Online adult entertainment marketers heading a steady mantra of “cams and dating” have come to accept that live interactive content often trumps its pre-recorded counterpart — with many consumers preferring personality over porn and demonstrating that typical photo and video content, while still in demand, is increasingly passé in today’s market.

Interactive media is becoming so commonplace in 2013, that even the banana that this author ate for breakfast today had a small Quick Response (QR) code tag affixed to it — an indicator that regardless of the product or service, consumers demand (and expect) an additional level of information and interactivity in ways that were previously unheard of.

Because we truly value our affiliates, we want to give them the best possible experience we can ... -Shay,

While many observers consider adult interactive content to be synonymous with live web cams, there are many other ways in which interactivity (a response to a user action) can be used to enhance the adult entertainment experience.

For example, old-school phone sex comes to mind; as does the use of explicit e-mail (including fan e-mails and website feedback); chat services; instant messaging (IM) tools; social media network postings; and other forms of online communication.

“Interactivity” does not even have to mean “real time,” with, for example, performers that leverage YouTube and other video channels, addressing viewer e-mail and comments via custom video clips; perhaps offering viewers “shout outs” on a weekly wrap-up show as a means of fostering fan loyalty.

Gamification is another tool for boosting interactivity, providing incredible stickiness and the extreme time-on-site values that Google and other search engines reward heavily.

This process involves rewarding website visitors that complete specific tasks, such as taking a survey or solving a puzzle. Rewards can include membership upgrades, tangible goods such as T-shirts or mouse pads, or anything else one could imagine.

Regardless of the options, however, live webcams are the current preference for many consumers of interactive adult entertainment.

One company at the forefront of this phenomenon is, with its flagship website, — a veteran brand that is being further extended by the company’s popular white label program, — which has seen recent major upgrades in an effort to lead the industry forward into new heights of interactive profitability.

White label websites are customizable versions of the parent website, made available for affiliate promotion. Programs benefit by attracting parent-brand weary prospects with “new” offers, while affiliates benefit from bringing their own self-branded, professional website to market with little to no investment.

White label sites are often used by larger companies to add an extra dimension to their site’s content, without any added overhead. For example, a video site might use a white label cam solution to add an interactive element to its platform, without the need to set up a cam studio or hire models.’s Oren Klaus says the company’s mobile compatible white label sites have grown enormously during the past 12 months, guiding efforts for 2013 and beyond; providing a way for this veteran brand to extend its footprint and compete with its recent upstart competitors, as well as an increasing number of free cam offers. was redesigned for 2013 with its users in mind, boasting a careful attention to details. From effortless navigation, to the dashboard configuration, the new site is far superior to its predecessors. Various bonus and other incentive offers increase affiliate’s earning potential and provide the tools needed by marketers in order to profit.

For example, the new dashboard’s user-friendly interface allows its users to view and compare their earnings with average webmaster earnings, providing a gauge for success; while the new “Promote Your White Label” section includes updated promotional tools along with advanced SEO options, an API and iframe generator, a traffic tracker and a webmaster referral option that allows its users to earn $5 for every new affiliate sign-up, or three percent lifetime revenue sharing on that referred traffic.

According to WebCamWiz VP Shay, the company’s goal with this new site was to expand on its solid design and to improve upon existing features while adding new ones, in hopes of creating a more exceptional product for its affiliate partners.

“Because we truly value our affiliates, we want to give them the best possible experience we can, whether it relates to their earnings or their user experience,” Shay says. “I believe we’ve successfully done that.”

Shay explains that WebCamWiz provides a highly advanced white label generator that creates each new website to be compatible with web, tablet and mobile platforms.

“It also exclusively provides webmasters with the ability to choose their preferred business model,” Shay added, noting that either 35 percent lifetime revenue sharing or $75 per unique signup payout models are available, as well as monthly bonuses.

For companies seeking a more hands-on approach to offering interactive adult fare, offers its LiveCamNetwork solution — with options to suit entrepreneurs, studio owners, amateur site operators and cam performers wanting to gain total control.

Haptics, or the man-machine interface, are another hot topic among interactive adult entertainment promoters; with companies such as AEBN bringing its RealTouch device to the live and prerecorded video arenas; while DatingGold is readying its own service to deliver a more immersive experience to users of its popular platform.

So-called casual or adult dating sites promote the ultimate perception of interactivity, with the promise of a no-strings hookup with a local beauty. While the reality is that few real world encounters result from typical adult dating sites, the perennial popularity of these properties illustrates that as long as some type of response is received, the customer is likely to remain a satisfied, recurring member.

As CEO Tanya Fathers notes, the first thing most members do upon logging in is to check their inbox for new messages —as long as those messages are found these members will stick around. Think of it as a well regulated discussion forum with robust private messaging functions, and you are on the right track.

While many live cam sites include dating offers (and vice-versa), the use of two-way cams where both parties are visible to one another is not the dating site benefit that one might assume it to be; with Fathers explaining that this unedited reality does not tend to fit in with the fantasy of the perfect lover that many casual dating sites seek to engender.

For those seeking, or pretending to be, the perfect lover, interactive worlds such as bring the interactivity of casual dating sites to a whole new level via highly customizable avatars which navigate elaborate 3D virtual worlds and which enable computer sex on a whole new level — with live webcams, two-way audio, special events and other features, all part of the mix presented to its large and loyal user community.

The growing world of online interaction, from web-enabled game platforms to mobile devices, including Smartphones and tablets — customized, optimized and fantasized to suit the viewer’s imagination — is the wave of the present and the future; and it is certain that the adult entertainment industry will enjoy a place at the forefront of this revolution.