Lee Roy Myers Takes On ‘The Godfather’

In the porn parody racket, Lee Roy Myers is a made man. But, even he knows that some movies are just too hot to mess with. And, yet, when DreamZone Entertainment gave him the opportunity to spoof “The Godfather,” it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. XBIZ caught up with Myers to have a sit-down about sending-up one of the most revered movies of all time.

What kind of pressure did you feel while spoofing “The Godfather?”

I just wanted it all to be right: the camerawork, the lighting, the sets, the music, the acting. I had to make the sex scenes work.

Most of the pressure came before writing the script. I wanted to do something fresh with it. I had started writing a “Godfather” porn parody three years ago — and had tried three times — but was never happy with the results. It’s a lot of pressure making a spoof of a movie that so many people, including myself and the guys at DreamZone, love. I guess taking some time off helped my perspective.

Did you have production concerns?

I just wanted it all to be right: the camerawork, the lighting, the sets, the music, the acting. I had to make the sex scenes work. The fan base for the original is so huge that if I wasn’t so concerned about getting it all right, I probably would’ve fucked something up that would piss people off. At the end of the day, we did our best to make sure that we made a porn parody that would even make Coppola masturbate. I think that we achieved that.

What scene from the “Godfather” were you most excited about spoofing?

To me anything in The Dong’s office had to be perfect. The look and feel of the original was mixed with sexiness and comedy. I really looked forward to capturing that. It always feels surreal and exciting when I work on replicas of classic sets and then shoot a dialogue or sex scene on them. I love that.

Which scene was most challenging?

The opening scene was probably the most difficult to shoot because Bonersera’s speech was as long as the speech in the opening of the original movie. And, like the original, I wanted to start this movie off with one long take. So, it was a good five-minute speech that had to be exact in order to work. One line flub and we started again. It was difficult, but well worth it.

Some parodies amp up the sex jokes; others stick closely to the source material. Which do you prefer?

I make porn parodies. I poke fun of an original show or movie (and the time and culture it was made in) and add sex to that. In order to make it make sense, I change the storylines so that they are sex-themed. Hence the dick jokes. I can’t think of another way to parody something. If it was just a retelling of the original movie with porn actors, it wouldn’t be a parody. It would just be a remake of the original movie with porn actors. And it wouldn’t be as fun to make.

Share with us an offer you had to refuse?

I have been pitched a parody of pretty much every movie, TV show and video game in existence. So, there have been a few that I have refused. I usually just go with my instinct and say no if I don’t think it is worthwhile. “Sophie’s Choice XXX” comes to mind.

Finally … Fat Brando or Skinny Brando?

Skinny Brando is cool Brando. But, fat Brando is best Brando.