PlugRush Puts Traffic Building in the Fast Lane

Calling itself “the next generation traffic network,” PlugRush ( says it uses customizable widgets to show ads and content in a new, innovative way that allows users to reach millions of online visitors daily, through its proprietary ad platform.

According to the company, advertisers can use the PlugRush system to buy clicked traffic, mobile redirects or pop-under ads; taking advantage of advanced niche and geo-targeting, effective anti-cheat protection and detailed real time statistics, with live support staff to move the process along.

PlugRush offers a comprehensive and effective solution for buying, selling and trading targeted, unique adult website visitors.

Claiming to “provide solutions to monetize all your worldwide traffic and increase your revenues,” PlugRush also allows publishers to sell clicked traffic, mobile redirects or pop-under ads, with payment for all traffic worldwide. Multiple income opportunities include the ability to earn referral commissions. Weekly payments keep the cash flowing.

Traffic traders will appreciate PlugRush’ powerful traffic exchange program enabling users to trade traffic with thousands of websites. Unlike competitive offers, PlugRush has a geo-tracking feature that ensures likequality trades: for example, a site that trades a unique Australian visitor, will receive a different, unique Australian visitor in exchange; rather than a Chinese visitor — dramatically improving the desirability of traffic trading.

Quality is always a concern for publishers when it comes to inserting third-party advertising blocks on a website, where poorquality or “legally questionable” content may find its way on to their homepage. Likewise, legitimate advertisers with high quality offers will not want their ad appearing next to a sub-par one.

To address these concerns, PlugRush monitors its plug submissions, rejecting those that have watermarked images, or images with borders, or those having a low resolution, low quality, seemingly underage performers, or “fake” thumbnails that do not represent the actual content being linked to.

Link destinations are also restricted to prevent direct linking to a website’s homepage, to pages with little or no actual content, and to video pages where the video doesn’t play. The number of pop-ups on the linked-to website is also limited, to help ensure quality.

All it takes is a free account to get started, and then you too can “build your own unique widget in minutes, place it on your website and start making money right away.”