Marc Kramer: Production Pro

When Marc Kramer meets someone new, he usually keeps what he does for a living private.

“I don’t tell people what I do. I’m not in this industry for the glory or the fame,” says Kramer, who is one of the adult industry’s most prolific production professionals. “If people know that then they come at you a different way, whether it’s girls or guys. And then a million questions come. … I operate under the cut.”

On any given day, I’m everything besides the director. I wear many hats.

Yet Kramer has been instrumental in producing hundreds of adult movies — both large and small — during the past 14-plus years he’s been a fixture on the set. His biggest current client is Digital Playground, where he manages director Robby D.’s tight-knit crew. Kramer works on an average of four features a month for Digital Playground. That doesn’t include the company’s elaborate ensemble movies that happen a couple times each year. In 2011 alone, Kramer has taken care of business for blockbuster releases such as “Fighters, “Babysitters 2” and “Top Guns” to name a few.

"On any given day," Kramer admits, “I’m everything besides the director. I wear many hats.”

“I’m the [assistant director], line producer, the producer, the production manager, the [unit production manager]… I do whatever it takes to get the job done with my team. I couldn’t do what I do without the team that I work with and that team is led by Robby D.,” Kramer says. “I think the chemistry with us works so well because we started out together at Vivid before Robby went to Digital. I do my thing and he does his. He directs the shows and my feeling is I set the table for him.

“I don’t want him doing anything but directing. I handle everything else. That’s what a UPM is supposed to do.”

Kramer at press time was in the midst of finishing a movie starring Digital Playground contract girl BiBi Jones before moving onto another one with Jesse Jane as the headliner. He says he values his opportunity to work for company founder Joone and president Samantha Lewis, counting his involvement with historic movies “Pirates I & II” as career highlights.

The native of Brooklyn, N.Y., started out in the industry in 1997 as an extra for an Adam & Eve shoot. Then he took a job as a driver and then as a production assistant.

After that, he met Paul Thomas, the Hall of Fame former Vivid director, learning so many of the tools of the trade that he uses to this day from him.

“Vivid trained me along with my good friend and colleague Shylar Cobi, first as a P.A. for a few years, and then I as a production manager for Vivid. Then I was trained by P.T. to be an assistant director,” Kramer recalls.

He moved on from Vivid to run Rosebud Productions and Pleasure Productions’ West Coast office and chaperone their contract girls. Kramer also managed productions for Third Degree Films, Zero Tolerance, Adam & Eve, Cinderella, Metro and Evil Angel and the late David Aaron Clark before taking a job as Head of Production at LFP for a stint.

“I was better suited for being on set and being hands-on with running shows, so I left there and primarily worked for Digital Playground and Adam & Eve and various other companies until I became part of a team that has been together for many years for Robby D. and Digital Playground.”

He says he has literally lost count, but Kramer has now been an integral part of more than 500 features and countless more gonzo videos.

“The most rewarding thing is to see what all the long hours and sweat and stress produce, seeing the finished product,” he says. “It makes me proud to be a part of a great team who without them I could never do the big shows we do.”

Kramer, also known by the stage names Marc the Saint and more recently Brah Bones, is known to excel in non-sex acting roles every so often too. Recently, he played the school principal in “Fighters.”

“What’s something that a lot of people don’t know about me? That I’m actually a nice guy,” Kramer says with tongue in cheek.