It’s About Model Behavior

My columns are usually aimed at affiliates: after all, we all make our living one sale at a time and unless you have spent the last few years living lottery dreams, we all know that sales are anything but easy these days. Our ability to make sales often lies with a tremendous X factor: the talent. With the number of episodes on the PrideBucks.com family of sites hovering at 1,000, there has been a parade of models through our studio that would rival the population of a small town, and today’s column is an open letter to each one them.

While we do like to be a fun spot for filming and treat you like guests when you are in the studio, it is not what happens when you are here that troubles me … it is what happens when you are not here and often lack of concern you seem to have for yourselves.

When you are in many studios, including ours, there is strict “no glove, no love policy.” We are not the moral police; we do not govern, nor do we wish to, the choices you make when you leave. I do ask you to take another look at the choices you are making in your non-studio work: I ask this not as a producer, but a concerned human being. The only thing more heart breaking then the announcement of a model’s early retirement due to testing HIV-positive, is that that tragic result is so very preventable.

Reported recently right here in XBIZ was the recent announcement that a gay-for-pay star recently had a positive test result. There were well meaning calls for stricter testing guidelines and I while I support those completely, I wonder if they are like adding fire extinguishers to a building that already has a sprinkler system: sure, every bit helps, but it is the standards you set for own behavior that all to often, and way to needlessly, put you in harm’s way. I am mincing words here; let me be direct: every director in the world can have a condom-only edict, but if that is not your policy when you are having private dates with off camera clients and/or personal trysts, you are playing Russian Roulette with your own future: all of the regulations in the world can’t save you from if you do not take a stand to help yourself.

My fellow producer Steve Shay of Citiboyz recently made a post “Dear Models: Posting/Twittering about all the alcohol you consume around the clock is not classy. Neither is posting/twittering about how wasted you are/were, how horny you are, how much random sex you have and who you want to fuck.

HIV-positive does not discriminate who it infects, nor becomes any less toxic not matter what substance is flowing through your system. The only thing more effective than a condom in keeping you safe is smarts to use them.

I will be back to scribe another column next month and I want you all to be around to read it.