Fiery Latina Flower

It’s the eyes that first catch you when looking at Daisy Marie. She makes a sultry, searing connection with the lens. Without a moment’s pause, she knows exactly how to communicate on a visceral level, full in the knowledge that she enjoys making her living having sex for the world to see.

The volume of her video work stands over the 250-title level. She’s happy about her career and video releases thus far and is exactly where she wants to be. Her favorite title is the 2003 Video Team release “Driving Ms. Daisy.”

Daisy is flattered when people praise her and her work, but is realistic about her job in porn.

“It’s my career choice with no regrets, but my life has so many other things,” she said. She hopes to further develop her career in mainstream entertainment and she’s already on her way. Last year she co-starred in seven episodes of the popular Cinemax series “Co-Ed Confidential” and appeared in the controversial 50 Cent music video “Disco Inferno.”

In spite of her enviable success as one of the leading Latinas in the adult industry, she loves doing magazine work.

“There’s just something about the way a still pose and the art of erotic photography comes together that’s so very timeless and appealing to me,” she said.

It shows in her work. No wonder she was Penthouse’s Pet of the Month in June 2008. She also appeared as the Hustler centerfold in January and her hardcore set in the magazine’s special Beaver Hunt Latin Girls publication last year showcases that riveting eye appeal.

When talking to her, you feel there’s a different person in the lithe tawny-colored body radiating Latina passion. After the fantasy porn queen turns off the electricity, there’s the down-to-earth, pragmatic person one would expect from an entrepreneur running a company.

But she is running the company of Daisy Marie, and running it well, thank you. Joining the Porn Valley troops the day after her 18th birthday, this savvy 24 year old has learned the art of managing and controlling her career like stars twice her age.

She learned early the art of pacing her output and believes that downtime is very important to retain focus and excellence. Daisy is planning to kick back again this year and spend most of her time further developing her website. Visit her at


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