Prepaid Cards A Popular Payment Method

The need for online merchants to accept prepaid cards is becoming increasingly important, because consumers desire to use them wherever they can — including for online purchases — with about $7.1 billion being loaded on these cards in 2009, up from $2.1 billion in 2007, according to the Mercator Advisory Group, a research and advisory firm for the payment industry.

Prepaid cards are used by consumers that simply prefer to pay in cash online or by those that do not wish to divulge their personal, bank or credit card details on the Internet, thus deterring identity theft. Most prepaid cards do not expire and security against fraud is achieved by the PIN code that is needed for each transaction. Additionally, the cards can be password protected by the user.

Purchasing the cards is a simple process. Users purchase cards in various available denominations from local retailers and obtain a secure and unique PIN. To use the cards online, the user simply enters the PIN number and the amount tendered is deducted from the card balance.

Processing prepaid card transactions on your website is without risk, because the payments are guaranteed and there are no chargebacks. Accepting prepaid cards will increase sales, as you can target consumers that do not have credit or debit cards or do not wish to use them. Prepaid cards also provide a payment solution for otherwise abandoned shopping carts due to declined credit card transactions or blocked customers and are the desired method of payment for many users.

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