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Gender X Stand to Pee
Standing to pee is often a tricky proposition for the FTM community and now, Gender X has a solution. Perfect for packing and peeing, this realistically shaped, funneled dildo fits snugly under clothes or briefs and allows you to casually let those golden showers escape through the urethra-shaped hole at the tip. Full of realistic veins and wrinkly balls, this STP (stand to pee), silicone packer is easy to aim, so start practicing guys, and see how much better you can do it than your cis-gendered friends

Manufacturer Description:

Feeling like your authentic self can be very closely related to looking like your authentic self, right? Between the sheets or just going about your day, Gender X's Stand To Pee Packer provides some noticeable fullness under your/their clothing - or undies. Plus, you'll be able to pee standing up, like you don't have a care in the world!

This Packer is extra flexible in super-soft and squeezable elastomer - it'll slip easily into your favorite packer-friendly underwear. The comfy, body-forming fit is perfect for all-day wear, and the temperature-receptive material will warm to your body heat.

The Stand To Pee acts as a funnel thanks to the hollow interior. Try it alone or combine it with another funnel apparatus you own and love.

Requiring just a little extra care that's absolutely worth it, this body-safe piece needs to be cleaned well before and after - a liquid antibacterial soap and water or a good toy cleaner will work just fine for clean-up. Tuck your Stand To Pee Packer away for safe storage when not in use.

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