Playboy Pleasures Swoon

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Playboy Pleasures Swoon
Metal. Many fantasize about using its cold, hard, unforgiving texture and smooth, unbending shaft and now you can actually swoon over having one in your lusty paws. At 5 ½” long and just over an inch wide, the spoon-like tip can supply intense pressure against a hungry clit or slide in for incredible G-spot stimulation like no other. Heat it up with warm water or chill it in the freezer or fridge for extra sensation, or let it absorb all of your 98.6 degrees for your own temperature play. The nine speeds and functions won’t give up until you do.

Manufacturer Description:

This sleek metal Vibrator will make you Swoon with pleasure as it glides in with ease vaginally or anally. It feels so deliciously smooth against your skin, lifting your experience to a whole new level as the targeted vibrations deliver pure ecstasy through the beautiful, shiny length. Enjoy the rounded egg-shaped tip and slim shaft that widens to a slightly flared base as you rev the robust motor to your desired level of power. Experience temperature play by immersing the toy in cool or warm water before use.

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