Cake Eater

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Cake Eater
"Let them eat cake!" Lots of it with this delightful, licking toy that will make you want to lick it, too. Easy to hold and enjoy, this soft and super-cute cupcake is available in three pastel colors and is small enough to hold gently while you whip yourself into a frenzy. The ten speeds let you tickle every crevice of your lovebowl and can even be used to lick frantically on the stiffest boners because you might even want to shout "Let them eat cock, too!" Absolutely delicious!

Manufacturer Description:

Are you looking to have your cake eaten? Well, look no further! Cake Eater will have you drooling for all the right reasons. This delicious cupcake hides quite the surprise! Satisfy your “sweet tooth” with this mouthwatering treat! Cake Eater is a magnetic rechargeable flicker stimulator. The soft tongue at the top of the cupcake flicks wherever you want for enhanced pleasure! Use on the clitoris, nipples, frenulum, perineum, or anywhere you please! Made with body-safe silicone, this toy has 10 flicking modes for a range of play possibilities. The flicking motion flicks at orgasmic speeds, mimicking the feeling of oral or finger play. Includes Custom Storage Box for Safe Keeping between Play

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