The Gjay mini is a very small but mighty. It comes out of the package with a strong charge. I was also really impressed by the packaging. It gives luxury vibes with gold printed lettering noting the three-year warranty, commitment to top quality and the environment. The packaging features complement the vibe itself. It feels like they really thought about everything. Getting back to the vibe itself, you can easily enjoy this little guy with the curl of your finger around the bottom. The settings are continuous, and things can ramp up quickly. The settings ramp down just as quickly as they ramp up. That's a plus if you're trying to find your favorite vibe.

Manufacturer Description:

Gjay Mini is a smaller version of our legendary device Gjay, a hit among those who like a realistic feel but prefer a more interesting design. The unique material Bioskin is responsible for the realistic touch of Gjay Mini. It is soft and tender and quickly takes on body temperature – it feels indistinguishable from a real penis to the touch.

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