Master Series Slinger Nylon Sex Sling

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Master Series Slinger Nylon Sex Sling
I always wanted to try a Nylon Sex Sling, and I finally got my chance (insert devil grin). I attached this sling to a previous swing stand I owned, and what do you know? It was compatible. This sex sling was very comfortable and lightweight. My partner, who is taller, was impressed with the stirrups because the length was approximately 20". My partner and I also liked that the stirrups were removable, so it made getting into certain sex positions easier. Two things I love about a sex sling: It is easy to set up, and easy to take down and clean. If you're looking for a nice and durable sex sling, this is it. FYI: the stand and chains are not included.

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Manufacturer Description:

Take your sex life to another level by literally bringing it off the ground and into the air! When you suspend your partner from a sex swing stand you open up a whole new world of positions and sensations! Get deeper and enjoy more control as the one standing when you use a sex swing! Made out of nylon, this swing is durable, lightweight, vegan-friendly and easy to clean and care for! This material is so strong it can handle up to 661 lbs (300 kg)! The stirrups are separate and can be hung up as well or taken down depending on the type of stand you're using and what you and your partner want. Compatible with most sex swing stands, this swing is a great buy! After use, spot clean as needed.

Set up your swing ahead of time to the stand of your choosing. Test it out by sitting in it and moving around. Then when you know it's set up and safe, invite your partner over! Help them up and adjust the height for both of you. Your partner's hips should be at the level of your hips so you can easily thrust into them. If you want to give them oral or fist them, adjust for a higher or lower height. Use restraints if you like. Try including nipple clamps, vibrators, ball gags or other toys. Or you can simply enjoy rocking and swinging while one of you is weightless and receiving deep, penetrative pleasure!

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