Coochy Botanical Blast Body Oil Mist

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Coochy Botanical Blast Body Oil Mist
For that just-showered, clean and refreshing scent to wear all day, look no further than giving yourself generous spritzes of this lightly scented and teasingly sexy Botanical Blast body mist. The wonderfully light formula sits gently on your skin, letting it get absorbed by every single cell of your derma. It never leaves an oily or greasy residue and lets me slip on my panties and clothes without worrying about those pesky stains. For a quick pick-me-up during the day, I just raise my arm to my nose, inhale deeply, and am suddenly relaxed and smiling. I love this new fragrance so much!

Manufacturer Description:

Coochy Botanical Blast Body Oil Mist is a hydrating, soothing, conditioning and moisturizing complex. Infused with soothing extracts and ultra-hydrating moisturizers, this multi-purpose oil absorbs instantly for a soft, satin finish and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and seductively scented!

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