Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Power Box Kit

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Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Power Box Kit
When I received this item, I was very intimated by the fact that this was electro-stim for the penis. I am one who never backs down from a challenge, so I was down to try it. The packaging does a great job of showing the user how the toy works. When you open the package, you're greeted with a power box, two penis bands, two silicone pads and two leads. Once you have everything connected, it's playtime. I recommend getting familiar with the buttons and the strength of the electro-stim before strapping it on your penis. Now, here goes the fun part! Strap the two penis bands around your penis and turn on the power box. You have eight e-stim modes to choose from, with 15 intensity levels. My favorite modes were stroke and massage. This was a feeling like nothing I've ever experienced before. It was very intense and pleasurable. Let's just say the Big O was achieved. If you're looking for something different to add to your toy chest, this product is it. If you're a sub, your master would be delighted to torture you.

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Manufacturer Description:

Electrify your sex life with this shockingly easy to use and pleasure-packed Power Box kit! Included in the kit is 1 power box, 2 penis bands, 2 silicone pads, & 2 leads. Use the penis bands and strap your rod in so it can electrify your shaft! Place the sticky, silicone pads anywhere below the beltline to add even more intensity to your experience! With this Zeus e-stim power box, you have 8 preset e-stim modes and 15 e-stim intensity levels! Explore all 8 modes including Acupuncture, Manipulation, Immunotherapy, Stroke, Weight Reducing, Massage, Cupping and Scraping. Originally taken from the world of healthcare these modes mix massage, bodywork and stimulation to give you unique, pleasurable sensations unlike any other you've experienced on a sexual level! All materials are phthalate-free and nickel-free so you can rest assured your new toy is body-safe. To clean, wipe the power box with a toy cleaner and a damp cloth. Pat dry and store components in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and separated from other toys.

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