Britney Mini Sex Doll Torso

Britney Mini Sex Doll Torso

If your loneliness is killing you and you must confess you still believe in the therapeutic power of orgasmic release, you should definitely make some room in your life for Britney. You could call Britney the First Lady of Tantaly — literally, the high-end sex doll maker’s catalog opens with her. Fan fiction offered on the manufacturer’s website describes Britney as a 22-year-old college student who is about to graduate from Pratt College of Arts with a designer's perspective and with a passion for life. But let’s be real, once you receive Britney and free her from her discreet box, she can be a “slave 4 u” and you can imagine her asking you to show her how you want it to be. Spend some time exploring every inch of her skin — made of premium TPE — and the torso’s two ready-for-action holes, and you’ll feel that if you’re not with Britney, you’ll lose your mind. But no worries, give her a sign and you can hit on her one more time, or as many times as you like.

For sex-doll beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike, Britney offers the best version of the headless and limbless experience, particularly for folks with penises. This highly-rated mini sex doll torso — available in Fair and Wheat hues — weighs 28.6 pounds, some of which clearly reside in her magnanimous, supple 32B cup breasts. A metal spin allows for repositioning so you can walk Britney through the entire Kama Sutra until you can almost imagine her whispering “Gimme, gimme (more), gimme (more), gimme, gimme (more)” from where her lips would be.

Like all torso dolls, Britney allows for a phone or tablet to be placed where the head should be, so her lover can enjoy — ethically, of course — their preferred pornography while allowing the scientifically designed ribbed and ridges in her vaginal and anal canals to lead the act to completion.

A warning, though: Lube (water-based) is not optional, particular for uncut penis-havers. Britney’s box does not include it, or cleaning kits, both of which are available as extras from Tantaly. Britney’s TPE skin is non-toxic, and her cleavage has been designed for maximum boobjob efficiency, for those looking for something beyond the false missionary/doggy dichotomy. Tantaly has done it again. Love her, hate her, say what you will about her, if you seek Britney, you shall always find her ready for action. It’s Britney, bitch.

Manufacturer Description:

The "Britney" sex doll is a mid-size sex torso doll from Tantaly. Offered in "Fair" and "Wheat" skin tones, this doll has everything you need for a fun night alone. From her voluptuous breasts to her luscious curves, Britney's appearance is rivaled only by her performance in the bedroom! Her body jiggles as you pump away, making release inevitable. Whether you prefer missionary, doggy style, boobjobs, or something else, this mid-size sex doll can turn your sexual fantasies into reality!

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