Glas 9.25 Classic

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Glas 9.25 Classic
Truth be told, glass is my favorite material for a sex toy. It’s unforgiving, solid, strong, and is perfect for temperature play. Put it in the fridge for icy cold stimulation, which makes vaginal muscles tighten up on contact. Or hold it under warm water to create an “ahhh” experience like maybe you’ve never had before. Glass holds onto body temperature like no other material, even when you remove it from your inner cavities. This straight-shafted, dual-ended glass wonder has a sword-like, 5 ¾”-long end that’s an easy 1” wide, with a flange in between the 3”-long, gently butt-plug-shaped other end, which can be shared as a double pleasure toy with another willing partner. Just holding a glass toy makes me hot — or cold — depending on what I do with it first.

Manufacturer Description:

Double the fun with this dual-ended shaft. Stimulate yourself or a partner internally with its raised ridge that increases the pleasurable friction as you play while the tapered realistic tip allows for easy insertion. The flat center base ensures it’s safe to use. Whether you’re playing solo or with your partner, this toy is great for both! This dildo is made of sturdy borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures as well as cold. Use warm water or place in the fridge before use to enhance. The unique design features an elegant and realistic tip on one end, as well as a uniquely beaded tip for more pleasurable fun. The elongated length of this dildo makes it easy to control and provides the perfect reach to target all your internal pleasure zones. Pair this dildo with your favorite lubricant, as it is compatible with them all.

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