Shower Jelly
Shower Jelly
Driven by the lack of intimacy brought on by the pandemic, Shower Jelly was developed to bring couples closer via well-loved adventures in the shower. With a jelly-like consistency and available in a variety of sexy, sensual scents, a jar of Shower Jelly lasts three sessions to create a soapy, slippery sensation that’s sure to bring two writhing bodies together in warm, showery bliss. Simply dip your fingertips into this fun formula, smear it all around an eager body, and use all your senses to indulge in the pleasures that intimacy can bring. Perfect as a gift for any occasion or a treat to embrace yourself in self-care, Shower Jelly is sure to become the next shower-time accessory to make cleaning up so much more fun.

Manufacturer Description:

Get in the Twilight zone with this dreamy jiggler. Our bestselling lavender-tonka scent will whisk you away to soft skin with a sweet nighttime ritual.

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