Rattan Slapper Paddle

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Rattan Slapper Paddle
When it’s time to get down to business for some serious BDSM play, this incredibly sturdy rattan slapper will leave no butt unmarked. It’s 1/8” thickness is strong enough to withstand giving unrelentless punishment with very little springing action. The super flat, smooth surface will withstand hours of play, no matter where you strike it. The tapered handle fits comfortably in my hand and provides a comfortable grip while I wail on my eager sub. I can deliver everything from simple love taps to stinging, mark-leaving slaps to leave my sub with an undeniable impression of my feelings for them and leave them with a lasting impact of my domination.

Manufacturer Description:

These rattan products are excellent accessories for School theme role-plays, adult school parties and adult school reenactments or just plain spicing things up between consenting adult couples and to keep that naughty boy or girl behaving and in control.

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