Lux Fetish, The Original Facilitator

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Lux Fetish, The Original Facilitator
I’ve only seen a similar product as a meme but was willing to try it. Taking The Facilitator out of the package, I was greeted with a dildo and two straps. The two straps were easy to put on; one strap goes on your head, and the other behind your neck. With the straps in place, this allows the dildo to comfortably rest on your chin. This product really enhanced oral play with my partner, who was able to be stimulated via the dildo and my mouth. This product makes trying new positions a breeze! My favorite was my partner on their back and riding my face. The Original Facilitator has a 5.5” insertable length, and it allows you to get up close and personal. If you’re looking to spice up your “oral game,” this is a product you must try! Note: The Original Facilitator has an allergy warning due to it containing natural rubber.

Manufacturer Description:

Facilitating orgasms galore while doubling up on the pleasures of great oral sex, the Original Facilitator chin strap dildo's concept is super simply, super sexy and yes, to be honest, a little funny looking!

Here's how it works: before going down, you or your partner will slip the Facilitator over the back of your head, positioning the classic penetrator over your chin. Your mouth, tongue and lips will be free to lick, kiss and suck as the dildo dives deep for double the sensation. Plus, you or they will have a front row view of the action.

In soft rubber latex, the Facilitator is easy to clean before and after with warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam, and it's safe to use with any favorite water based lube. Straps stretch to fit most.

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