Racy Rose

Racy Rose
Whoa! Hold onto the bedsheets when you have a Racy Rose in your paws! With a super-fast, firmly licking tongue that never quits the clit, the rose will quickly make one’s vulva turn rose red with all the blood that’s sure to circulate in the nether regions. Once the exterior pleasure pulses with delight, simply flick a button to turn the other end into a gentle and pleasing plunger to tease and delight the inside of a frisky vulva. The power and strength of this delightful toy is incredibly deceptive. It looks like a sweet little flower, but once you turn on the button, you won’t want it to stop furiously licking and thrusting for every moment of pleasure it can deliver.

Manufacturer Description:

It licks, it thrusts, it vibrates! This Bloomgasm Rose is packed with pleasure features that will make your garden blossom! This premium silicone Racy Rose vibrator combines three different sensations to satisfy you fully. The blossom has a seductive tongue that you can experience 3 speeds and 4 patterns of licking from that will wake up your clitoris and make your vulva throb! The stem of the rose is a thick shaft that has 3 speeds and 2 patterns of vibration and thrusting. As the rose thrusts away, enjoy the textured shaft that enhances each thrust as it massages your sensitive zones! Take this in the pool, shower or bathtub! It is rated as IPX7 waterproof so it can even be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes without an issue! The plush, flexible, silky smooth silicone is premium grade which makes it phthalate-free, body-safe and best used with water-based lubricants. After use, make sure to wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry. Store separately from other silicone toys and keep out of direct sunlight. Keep it charged between uses! Use the USB charging cable for up to 90 minutes for a full charge.

Get comfortable and grab your favorite water-based lube and this gorgeous, sexy rose! Rub some on the shaft and the tongue of the rose then on your own vulva. Turn it on and begin to tease your clitoris with licking and vibration. Let yourself warm up and get the juices flowing! Then, once you're good and turned on, insert the shaft and play with depth and angles! Switch between the two and find your own way to enjoy it! You can also use it with a partner, too! Use it on them or hand it over so they can do some erotic gardening for themselves!

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