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Gender X Just the Tip
Doubling as a piece of fine glass sculpture, this gorgeous, iridescent golden beauty is a sight to behold. The large, realistically yet artistically shaped head is a hefty 1 ¾” wide, with a 1 ½”-long neck in the total stubby length of 4 ¾”. The rounded base keeps it outside of the body, while the bulbous head discovers the inner folds and surfaces inside. Heat it up or cool it down for exquisite temperature play and stimulation, and don’t forget to keep your gaze on this lovely piece of art when you’re not using it. It will be worth it.

Manufacturer Description:

Listen, being filled to the brim feels great sometimes, but other times, honestly, just the tip will do! If you're on the same page, you'll want to take a nice hard look at Gender X's Just The Tip Glass Plug. When you're in the mood for something a little - or a lot - firmer, its totally creative shape and extra stiff texture will absolutely hit the spot.

Featuring some serious sturdiness that'll warm to your/their body heat in a flash (or, you can pre-warm or cool it!), this shimmery penis-shaped plug is as versatile as it is ridiculously pleasurable. The Tip's natural weightiness is great for anyone seeking a nice full feeling - pop in in slow or fast - with lots of lube, of course - or use it as a body-wide massager.

In nonporous, hypoallergenic, shatter proof Pyrex glass, Just The Tip is extra sturdy, ultra durable, and, if you treat it right, could last a lifetime. Luckily, glass is very low maintenance. Warm water and mild soap will keep things squeaky clean before and after playtime, but you can also boil or bleach your glass toy for super-thorough sanitizing. Store carefully to avoid chipping or scratches. This plug is safe to use with any favorite lubricant.

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