Master Series Custom Lockdown

XR Brands
Master Series Custom Lockdown
When all you can think of is locking up a naughty penis owner in a clear chastity cage, then this easy-to-use device is for you. With two customizable caps to allow for peeing or not, and four, graduating sized ball rings for comfort and fit, this is sure to let them know who’s boss and who owns the keys. Squish their manhood into the clear cage and insert the golden pin to lock him up with one of the silver keys. The glint of gold will remind this prisoner of love to behave until he earns the right to free his mighty member, but only if you want to let him go.

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Manufacturer Description:

When you're in the mood to exert some control over your partner's cock, or they're in the mood to capture yours, you'll be looking for a tool that won't just hand you (or them) a little control, but inescapable, securely locking, fully customizable control. The Master Series Custom Lockdown Chastity Cage can be that tool for you! Featuring a crystal clear design that lets you and your captive look but not touch, The Custom is easy to get into, but not so easy/impossible to get out of without permission. In extra firm ABS plastic, the Cage surrounds the entire (un-erect) shaft in a solid casing connected to a ball-hugging ring. Aside from two locking areas and a choice of four ball rings, the Cage also comes with two possible tip caps, one solid and one open. To get it on them, or yourself, apply some lube to the cock in question, and gently pull your testicles through the ring before bending your (non-erect, please!) shaft downward into the cage. A classic padlock and two keys are included - keep at least one of the keys in a very safe place, since the padlock isn't a type you can easily pick.

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