Inmi Slim Pulse

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Inmi Slim Pulse
Sometimes, floppy feels really fucking good. In this case, it’s the floppy, silicone center “cord” of this ingenious vibe. Versatile as the day is long, one end of this multi-speed wonder is a 2” x 1 1/8”-wide egg and is connected by a floppy 5” cord to the other, pulsing and tapping, palm-sized larger egg. Simply slide the egg end into any hungry hole (including anally since the entire toy is a single piece) or slip it into a pounding pussy for deep, internal thrills; then, use the tapping tip on the other end for clit fun, taint fun, ball action or anywhere else you want to double your excitement! I just want it all over and inside every fold of my body, no matter where it is. I love this toy!

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Manufacturer Description:

When it comes to pleasure, there's always room for improvement, right? For instance, it's hard to beat perfect inner stimulation, and just as, if not more, hard to one-up perfect outer attention, but what if we told you that you can have both, plus seven modes of thumping pulsation? Maybe you saw this coming, but you can! With inmi's Slim Pulse, you'll have all the sweet sensation of a go-anywhere vibrating bullet plus some super-sexy clitoris/exterior sweet spot-loving pulsation. Wrapped up in a pretty purple silicone package, the Slim Pulse is extra flexible, letting you customize it to your specific wants and needs. You can, of course, hold it in your hand and direct either side to respective erogenous zones, you can pop in the 2.5"/6.4cm bullet and explore dual stimulation, or you and your partner(s) could share it. Don't worry about making any tough decisions, both ends operate independently, letting you enjoy seven modes of pulsation and seven more rhythms of vibration separately or together. In hypoallergenic high end silicone, the Slim Pulse is body safe and extra easy to clean. Before and after, wash it well with warm water and antibacterial soap, or use a good erotic toy care fluid/foam. This vibe is compatible with any favorite water-based lubricant, but please avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products. USB rechargeable. Cord included. Not rated for use in water.

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