Secret Kisses Faux Leather Pasties

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Secret Kisses Faux Leather Pasties
This was my first time wearing this style of pasties, and I got to say: These have converted me. I love how they fully cover my areolas. I am a big fan of how sleek they look. I can wear them under anything; they just make my nipples look nice and perky, and I love it! I think my all-time favorite thing has to be that they come with three extra tapes to reuse. One pair of pasties and four uses? Sign me up! I also love the packaging and how I can keep the pasties in there when I am not using them to minimize them getting dirty or lost. The highlight of them has to be the ease of taking them off. No pain, no fuss; I love it!

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Manufacturer Description:

These attention-grabbing pasties provide just enough coverage for a sexy tease.

Dress up while you’re dressed down in these simple yet elegant faux leather pasties, provide all the necessary coverage with an alluring style.

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