Love Vouchers for Him and Her

Ozze Creations
Love Vouchers for Him and Her
What a cute collection of tear-off vouchers for sexy time! The ten different coupons flip between him and her, giving and receiving things such as massages, breakfast in bed, and even erotic massages. Then, the fun begins with other, couples-oriented activities from mild to wild! Humorously illustrated with goofy characters, this perfectly-sized coupon booklet is easy to mail to friends who would appreciate an anniversary boost to blast away the cobwebs of a long-time relationship. Or, slide it across a table for extra special nooky!

Manufacturer Description:

If you're looking for a sensual and sexy way to give your lover a sultry surprise, you'll love the Love Voucher for Him and Her Coupons from Ozze Creations.

These luxurious reward ideas are perfect for couples who want to add an element of sexual surprise into their lives or who need to rekindle forgotten passion in their relationship. The love vouchers can also be used to reward your lover at random with a steamy sexual treat. These sensual surprises are perfect for both him and her, making them perfect for foreplay or a way to inspire spontaneous passion with your partner. Plus, it's the perfect gift regardless of if you give or receive, you'll definitely be getting something.

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