Master Series Thunder Wand 72X Silicone Heating Wand Massager

XR Brands
Master Series Thunder Wand 72X Silicone Heating Wand Massager
Wow! This toy is awesome!!!! It’s compact, offering very intense 72X combinations of speed and vibration with easy-to-use buttons. And this toy has a flexible neck, which allows it to bend with your body. Penis owners: This toy can be used on your muscles, testicles, perineum, nipples and anus — and vulva owners: You can use this toy on your nipples, clitoris and vulva as well as your muscles. Every area of your body this toy touches you will surely be aroused. You can use this wand for solo or partner play. Turn on the heating function to add another feature to your pleasure session. It also comes with a microfiber toy bag for safe keeping and travel.

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Manufacturer Description:

Master Series Thunder Wand 72X Silicone Heating Wand Massager – Black – Get ready for a hot date with your favorite toy! This premium silicone wand has vibration and heating functions so you can enjoy the pleasurable buzz while getting your personal parts warmed up! Enjoy 6 speeds and 12 patterns of vibration with an added heating function that warms not only your body but also the water-based lube on the toy, as well. The handle of the wand is easy to hold and has a large display on the front of it so you can easily change settings whenever you wish. Press the buttons to explore what you desire! After use, recharge using the USC cable and magnetic end for up to 2 or 3 hours maximum. Use only water-based lubricants on this silicone toy. Wash with warm water and soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and store in a cool, dark place.

Relax into pleasure by grabbing your wand and your favorite lube. Turn on the toy and put some lube on the round, silicone head, then turn the heating function on. It will start to warm the lube up, and in no time at all you can rub the head of the toy on your sensitive, erogenous zones! Enjoy how your muscles relax and your circulation increases with the sensual, slippery, warm and wet lube and toy! Enjoy the experience, and when you’re done, simply wash it, charge it, and set it aside for next time!

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