The Collection Blueberry Haze

Blush Novelties
The Collection Blueberry Haze
Whoever said battery-operated toys don’t have a kick has never used a Blush Xl Bullet. This bullet packs a hell of a kick; the feeling it gives you as it rumbles quietly between your sheets just blows your mind. Relax and give yourself a fantastic orgasm while looking at your favorite movie or while making your own movie by yourself or with your partner. It’s so smooth and long, and the different vibrations that Blush has on this vibrator are just right for its size. Blush has done an amazing job with this product; this is something you should have in your arsenal. Enjoy, and have a great time.

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Manufacturer Description:

So, we don't like to mess with the classics. If it ain't broke don't fix it, if it makes people happy, and especially if it gives them orgasms, then we're happy, too. BUT! There are exceptions. The Collection's Blueberry Haze Slim vibe from Blush is one of them.

We love it when pleasure conscious designers highlight and stylize a beloved vibrator design, and that's exactly what Blush has done with this gorgeous pleasure-giver. Aside from a super-sleek tapered shape, a simple design that's perfect for all levels of toy experience and exquisitely powerful (impressively quiet) multi-speed vibration, Blueberry Haze features swirly blue highlights and a ridiculously smooth surface.

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