Strap U Power Player

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Strap U Power Player
I was so excited about this when I saw the box. One, the bright pink color is amazing — so eye-catching and bright. I love the combination of the realism with the veins and the bright pop of color. I love the softness of the silicone; it feels phenomenal. The shaft of the toy also has decent flexibility. It is the perfect length. The remote control is great for variety while in the harness. The strength of the suction cup is chef kiss. I tried it on so many different surfaces and was pleasantly surprised by how great it stuck.

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Manufacturer Description:

When it comes to strapping it on, holding it in hand, or sticking it on the hotel window, your favorite dildo probably hits the spot almost every single time. But maybe sometimes, you'll find yourself be looking for something a little, well, more in the stimulation department. For those times, the Strap U Power Player Remote Vibe has you, your partner, and a ton of sexy scenarios fully covered.

Featuring a classic penis-inspired shape (and feel!) designed to please nice and deep, the supple Strap U is perfect for alone-time or shared sexy situations, but it truly shines when your harness or strap-on system comes out to play. The sturdy suction base, aside form providing a barrier against too-deep slips and steadying the shaft against almost any smooth nonporous surface, also fits easily through the O-ring or attachments point of most harnesses.

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