Maxim Tailor Made Condoms

Maxim Tailor Made Condoms
One of my favorite jobs is reviewing condoms because it means I get to slip them onto a real boner and have a good time, with my fellow product tester taking one for the team. Since I was on the receiving end of this condom, I found it incredibly pleasurable to experience! Unlike many other condoms out there, I could easily feel the distinctive ribs and pleasure dots on the surface of it — and the lube was slippery enough that I didn’t need to add any extra. According to my product-testing fuckbuddy, the bulbous head of this condom allowed for extra room without feeling the typical tightness of other condoms on the market. And of course, there was extra room when it came time to release his essential bodily fluids, which made both of us very happy.

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Manufacturer Description:

Fit for a pro. Larger than standard-sized condoms, the MAXIM® Pro Fit Condoms provide a superior, tailored fit and silky-smooth premium lubricant specifically designed to heighten sensation for you and your partner.

With a comfortably contoured head and an expertly crafted secure fit, MAXIM® Tailor Made Condoms are designed with your pleasure in mind. Because the fit is everything.

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