Bump ‘N Groove

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Bump ‘N Groove
Get your jollies with this incredibly creative toy! My eyes lusted for this cute and practical gizmo the moment I laid eyes on it (and other parts of my body, too). It sports four beads, with the top two housing the very zippy ten-speed vibrator that also rotates; a wider third one; and the bottom one, with a shorter and squatter shape. It can snuggly fit into butt holes, but personally, it’s a fab internal G spotter toy that wiggles and writhes at the perfect spot. When I don’t feel like sliding my hand south to change the speed and function, I merely grab the remote control to get my bump ‘n groove on! Make sure you let everyone know about this versatile toy, which is sure to appeal to every sex toy aficionado, no matter one’s gender or preference!

Manufacturer Description:

Evolved Bump N Groove Black Anal Vibrator with a rotating head. Bubly rotating vibrating butt plug. Perfect for intermediate and advanced anal play. Achieve more powerful orgasms. Rigid bulbed shaft - top two bulbs rotate. Powerful motor in rotating head 3 rotating speeds. 10 rotating speeds and functions. Remote control operates functions separately.

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