Charmed Silicone Light Up Tweezer Nipple Clamps

XR Brands
Charmed Silicone Light Up Tweezer Nipple Clamps
I am really in love with these nipple clamps. They are the perfect addition to my holiday festivities and are perfectly weighted. The light doesn’t add much weight to the clamp, making them comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. The three different light settings allow for me to change the lighting with my mood. Feeling wild and ready to party? The first setting is perfect. In a more sensual, soft mood? The third setting is perfect, with its subtle shifts through the different colors. These definitely add some brightness to bedroom play.

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Manufacturer Description:

Charm them with your light-up nipple clamps! These black, tweezer nipple clamps are perfect for beginners and advanced users. Combine them with the light-up LED discs for an awesome light-show for your lover!

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