Oh.hi Cannabis Lubricant

Oh.hi Cannabis Lubricant
Sure, there are plenty of silicone lubes out there, but now, there’s one with the extra special ingredient of cannabis. After slathering on a few simple drops around my eager pussy and relaxing for half an hour waiting for it to kick in, my eager beaver began talking to me, saying “Oh! Hi!” and begging for attention. While I was letting my fingers do the talking with a few toys at the ready, I wanted every cell in my nether regions to experience the pleasure in its own way — so I used every trick in my arsenal to absorb even more. It was kind of like having the munchies in my crotch, saying, “Feed me more!” And I was happy to oblige. Simply put, this is an experience with lube like no other.

Manufacturer Description:

oh.hi - Cannabis Lubricant, Topical - THC 115.81mg, CBD 55.37mg

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