Butt Plug Dilator

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Butt Plug Dilator
This unique butt plug dilator is groundbreaking in many ways. The simple shape, with a mouse-ears-type “key” at one end, is straight, with a 3 ½” long, silicone shaft. There is a distinct neck that decreases in size when you gently expand the diameter of the shaft from 1” to 1 ½” inches by simply twisting the key. While this gizmo is heavy on promoting itself as an anal dilator, it can be used for many other purposes, too. For example, it would be perfect for those experiencing vaginal post-cancer treatments, MTF transsexuals requiring gentle expansion of their newly created vaginas, those with vaginismus (an unnatural tightening of the vagina), menopause issues or many other issues or conditions. This not-too-long and easy-to-use expander would work wonders.

Manufacturer Description:

Using Odile Butt Plug Dilator is an innovative and amazing way to get the best anal dilation! You will control your dilation at your own pace, gradually, safely and precisely from 1” inch diameter to 1.5”! Who is it for? We all have a butt! Odile is designed for responsible adults of any gender. It can be used solo or with a partner. This version of Odile is for people with limited experience with anal dilation – so comfortable stretching around 1” or less.

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