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The latest collection of warming stimulators by Lora DiCarlo highlights the company’s latest development in biomimicry by utilizing nylon-based, thermal conductive polymer heating. All three products — which include Sway, Tilt and Drift — are fully coated in body-safe silicone, include seven vibration intensities and three patterns, are fully submersible, and are USB-rechargeable. I got dibs on the style that spoke to me the most, and that was Drift. While Sway features a double-ended form and Tilt is multi-purpose, the contoured G-spot/P-spot plug offers two independently controlled motors for simultaneous G-spot/clitoral or P-spot stimulation. And Drift features more of a simplistic design as a handheld G-Spot vibrator that features an angled curve designed to provide control and stability while held in the hand.

What appealed to me the most were Drift’s petite size and its incredible buzzy vibration once I powered it on. And the color is a unique, vibrant orange that is eye-catching and unexpected for a sex toy. As with all of Lora DiCarlo’s other toys, Drift comes neatly packaged in a sleek box with a sleeve over it that showcases the toy beautifully with a clear product image on the box’s exterior.

Another impressive feature that I noticed just by powering it on right out of the box was how silent the vibrations were — particularly when compared to how powerful the vibrations felt. When I was finally able to set aside the time to get to know Drift one-on-one, I carefully set the mood with dim lights, a couple of lit candles and my favorite adult flick. Powering on the vibe is amazingly easy with the length of the toy and the conveniently placed buttons, and choosing my favorite vibration setting also was a breeze.

I later explored the heating function. I’ve never actually used a toy with heating, and at first, I was a little hesitant. I wondered if the warmth would overwhelm me. Nevertheless, the heat turned out to be very subtle. It very closely resembles the heat that naturally is emitted by one’s body. I never knew how much I liked a warming sensation!

Everyone should note that that the warming function on this line is a lot more comfortable than one might expect from a “heating” product. It’s a soothing feeling that easily adds an extra layer of comfort that makes it even more possible to enjoy a good orgasm. I primarily use Drift as a clit vibe, but its curve also makes it perfect for G-spot stimulation. The rumbly vibration is powerful yet silent, and I was surprised to find that I wasn’t using the toy at its most powerful setting because it sure felt like it! Drift is definitely staying in my collection, and I love the fact that its perfect size won’t take up very much space.

Manufacturer Description:

Drift into ecstasy with Lora DiCarlo's Drift Warming Vibrator! This little luxurious vibrator can be used for internal or external pleasure. Drift through the three vibration patterns and seven intensities to find your perfect sensation. The design of Drift's head is for pinpointed stimulation on the clitoris or the g spot. The waterproof feature of Drift by Lora DiCarlo allows for bath and shower play!

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