Strap U Large Bulge

XR Brands
Strap U Large Bulge
When you’re packing your goods, all day comfort is a must. Having the ultimate bulge in your shorts is a statement about who you are and how you present yourself to the world, and the soft UStrap packer is the way to do it. Its ultra-realistic shape complete with appropriately sized balls, hangs just right to create a glance to your pants. Made of TPE in two skin tones, this is a must-have for gender expression and is fun to use for a stretchy-penis good time!

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Manufacturer Description:

Add a big, long bulge to your lower half with this Large Soft Packer! Super soft and flexible for a comfortable and believable bulge so you can easily explore and experiment with your gender. Tuck this large pecker into tight briefs of boxers with ease, or use a dedicating packer harness to keep this dildo in place as you go about your day. Featuring realistic detailing for for an immersive experience - the lifelike veins, defined head, and textured balls provide a genuine feel to complete your presentation. The plush and pliable construction of this Large Packer keeps things comfortable so you can wear this dong for extended periods without discomfort!

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