Hero 7.5” Uncircumcised

Hero 7.5” Uncircumcised
Glad to see more uncircumcised dildos coming out these days. This little guy from Nasstoys is a fun new option for your uncircumcised loving dildo users out there. The dildo is 7.5 inches with 5.5 inches being insertable. It has a strong suction cup base that sticks to many surfaces and fits nicely in a harness. The shaft is not too large or overwhelming and is more on the slenderer size. This dildo is flexible and moves with your body. It is a great option for pegging. All it needs it a little superhero cape.

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Manufacturer Description:

If some sort of official dildo realism competition existed (one should!), Nasstoy's Hero Uncircumcised 7.5" Dildo would be a definite contender. Get your bets in, folks! Even if you're not the gambling type, this ridiculously lifelike penetrator is about to slide on in to your dildo top ten.

Complete with tons of un-cut detail, plenty of flexibility and a uniquely tactile texture, the 7.5 inch could probably fool even the most experienced hand (or other body part). Working great in a harness as well as in hand, this Hero features a circular base compatible with many strap-on and pegging systems. The base also happens to be a suction cup, so it can be secured on the wall, window or shower door for hands-free fun.

In soft, supple PVC with just enough core firmness, the Hero Uncircumcised 7.5" Dildos phthalate free and body safe. Before and after playtime, rinse your Hero well using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Please let your dildo dry thoroughly before storing it away Compatible with any favorite water based lubricant.

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